I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Love St Patrick's Day

Ok so it's a few days early but its SUNDAY!

and I COOK on Sundays so I have to uploaded the pictures and well who said we eat dessert first!

Lime Cheese cake.. I was yummy.

Table set with my fiestaware!

My clover rolls with butter on them baked!

Table once again

clover leaf rolls in pan ready to bake

My Carrots and potatoes and the cornedbeef
I got a new recipe this year... I was told to cook it in ginger ale and it was yummy!

my buffet table

My table once again!
I do enjoy cooking and the left overs always go home to those who come to eat...
I remember when Patty would come HOME mom would always always send her home with bags of food from the freezer. I always remembered her doing that and it like I need to make sure those I love her have food for a day if that it is... I so enjoy watching them take there little take out container home! It so gladdens my heart!


Anonymous said...

Can those little "take-out containers" be shipped!!?? Love, mom

dad said...

I say, once again, that you live too far away.