I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rain Rain and more Rain

YES! I love it. Today was the perfect day to lay in bed and read a book... Yeah I know that was something I would have done if I did not have to work today and if I read! I cant sit down and read a book! LOL Yeah I am still on chapter 6 of the book I started when I was traveling back each in April. Yeah funny.

So I took some me time today. After work I went for a massage. Yes I think I was in need of one. It was awesome. the only down fall was it was right next door to where I work and it was at 4pm and well for me to still be on the eastside after 4 is wrong and I knew it would take me an hour plus to get home and well.... this is when I took some more me time.

The massage was just awesome I always love when I can have one. My body is hurting but that just proves I need to keep going.

I knew if I tryied to get home it would take me a long time so I went to McDonalds Yeah really good food. and I took my Dinner to go and drove up to the temple and sat in the parking lot and just looked at the temple. and then it started to rain. and it was not just a few drops it was bucket fulls.

At one point I could not see the temple it was raining that hard. But it was the time to sit back and just think how and what beauty we have. This is where I texted mother to tell her thank you for all the support and love she offeres each of us!

and then I made the comment of how the lord washes the earth now and then with these little water storms. and mother in all her wisdom made comment back of how he washes each of us sometimes to.

Funny thing is... mother always has a teaching moment here. As I was sitting there thinking and saying my thanks for all the water and all the beauty it brings to us... I watched this leaf floating down the parking lot, and it came to a damn in the system. and more water came and it still could not get over the little jamn. and then I saw something and as odd as it might seem I saw puddles of water and a pool and a few willow trees and a bunch of kids running around in these big water puddles in a back yard. It really was as if I was there and the memories.

I know I had a little flash back and that is what I will always bring to each of you the flash back of memories.
Thanks to each of you for those flash backs and thanks for taking me on that little ride down the river until I get stuck and someone is always there to break the jamn up to keep me floating down that path.

I am so glad I have each of you and well... I love each of you and your spouse and those children you are teaching.

Love you!


Anonymous said...

What a great lesson, Scott! I love rain and rain storms (right now we're kind of lacking). It sounds like a really nice and relaxing evening for you!

The Shavers said...

That is so true Scott, I love reading your blog you always have such wonderful insights!!!

Anonymous said...

Tissue warning, next time, please!! This was a wonderful post, Scott. It has evolved to be your blessed gift to the family, the sharing of the flash-back memories. May God bless you for the gift...Love, mom

dad said...

Scott, I hardly know what to say. You found some great meaning in something so simple and applied it to yourself in the process. That takes some doing and I have to say it sounds like the Holy Ghost might have been helping a bit. To me, the hard part sometimes is not the listening, but the doing. I hear ok, but I don't do so well.