I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Really... Do I have to Home Teach

Ok I have always always always though that it has been a waste of time and my efforts and well.. I have made the statement I hate it. I really dont think that you should have to make an appointment and set up time and try to squeeze someone into your life.

I for one think that it should be a natural thing. I quess I am an old fashion person and come from a life that you know your neighbors and love them for who they are and well you should not bother someone. I know this is just the gospel according to Leitch.

Now in the past when I have been assigned to people I have know the Elder's Quorm President and I have made a few comment to who I wanted! Sorry I have this feeling that I should pick my friends. LOL. I was blessed to be the home teacher to Sister Hall, and that turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to me because Sister Hall fell, and I was there to take her to her appointments and be a friend in that time of need... "HOME TEACHER"

and that is what I think it should be a friend doing something for someone because that is what its all about.

Know a few years ago I was introduced to Ben Crosby and he was assigned to me as a home teacher. See being assigned to someone just isnt how I do things. Which that has turned in to a fun fun fun relationship and friendship and I am very very happy I have Ben and Becca and the kids. and I now look forward to every Sunday Sitting with Ben and Becca and the kids and yeah the kids love me because Uncle Scott always has treats for them.

So Ben has now been assigned with me to be Home Teaching comps. Yeah this is not always a good thing because well, back to the top of the page I hate it.

So Ben now has to make the time once again to come and get me and well... Tonight we went out. Yeah to get me to do this is a pain... I would sooner just feed the ward in a bar b que instead of going home teaching.

So we have a very fun family and I am glad I got to meet them and spend a little time with them and will do more later with them...

But now here is the story I have been waiting to tell. A few houses away from me is a member of the church and well... Its one of those house "TICE'S" that you just dont want to set foot in.
But Ben use to be home teaching comp with this man and wanted to stop by and say hi! Number one thing and I will go to hell for this, but this man lives with his 90 year old mother, he smokes, the house is just dirty, Do I really need to go on anyone getting the idea? So this man takes care of his mother, plus a cat or two and well I walked and the smell I really was not in the door and the smell was going to make me sick.. so we went in... I can still taste and smell it on me and I have been already been in the shower. I know that when your taking care of a mother thats fading in health you have to do what you have to do. But I promise mother I will never have her pee pot right next to her sitting all day long and I will clean it out.

It just about made me sick.. It was a nice short prayer and we left and I made it but I do not know how because If I had to stay there one more minute I would have lost it.

So I quess I need to learn a few more things here. I just had to share my life again with you. And If i ever get to the point that I have to live like that.... Please just take me back east and set me in the fields so that I can die in nature.


The Daines said...

that was really funny! I think i'd like o die in the east too. Home teaching is one of those things that usually doesn't feel good until after I do it.

Steven Daines

Anonymous said...


I know exactly what you are talking about. Those kind of houses are pretty tought to take. I was in one, once, where the people never washed clothes, just bought new ones and threw the old ones on the floor. There were paths through the clothes and they were everywhere.