I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Updating once again in the month of October

It's time to update life again.
I should update you with the job. I am willing but... SO The District manager called me on Tuesday and said he did not see an application for the store that was open? YES I was concerned because #1 I did not see the store posting. and #2 I heard about it but did not back to number 1 see it. I was also doing my homework and learned that this would NOT be a good store for me to go back to management with. I was thinking no way. So I did not apply. I learned friday from my store manager that the other store was wondering when I was starting... YES they have all planned on me going without telling me. And my store manager said NO. HE said this is not the store to put me back into with how the store is going. SO I am not stressing because I dont plan to leave anytime soon.

I have been busy with work for the last few weeks, 40 hours have been good to me. JUST trying to get the bills paid up. WHICH is a never ending issue.

Monday I was like a small child, I ended up going to the pumpkin patch alone. YUP you heard me I headed to the patch alone. I am a kid at heart and I wanted to go.. FUNNY thing is I did not buy a pumpkin to say but for the main part I got some fun stuff.
I have try to get squash that I can cook and try new. YES... I am trying new thing.

the rest of the week I just worked.. SAD.  Ok I was trying to update what was going on and I have lost all my train of thoughts.

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