I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cleaning UP!

I have been cleaning.... really really cleaning... I am tossing things that I have been keeping a hold of... I am finding pieces of paper with little quotes and other things on them.

I found one that has I have been holding onto. I want to keep a little record of my life. and sometime I can not toss that small piece of paper.

SO I was thinking I need to write these things out!

I know I can print them off when I want and I want to keep them ..

This one I was not the most best post and I posted it 2 years ago but I want to keep it and I want to toss this little piece of paper..

I was given advice on it. The qoute came and here is what it says.. "Just think sometimes when people are judgemental they are only judging themselves for their imperfections."

August 2, at 10:05 am
Scott, Seriously. What's up with the language??? Don't you hold a temple recommend? I'm just saying'

August 3, at 3:51 pm
I am sorry that my use of the word "Hell" distrubed you so much that you felt the need to chastise me over it. I will be sure to mention that I used the word "Hell" in my next temple recommend interview :)


August 3, at 6:31 pm
It wasn't just "Hell" You've also thrown out a couple of Damns, too. Oh yeah, and that was a real cute and fun comment you made about wishing you could have drunk the bottle of wine, instead of using it to cook with, after you got home from church. Way to represent. Let's see, return missionary, right? :)

I ended that friendship.... it still haunts me and I want to say I am sorry that if it hurt anyone else for the actions.

As I have learned a few thing in the past few months and while I am cleaning up... I needed to clean up this that was hanging over my head as well... YES sometimes in my life I am not the perfect saint that I need to be.

I am an example. I am still growing and learning and Well I hope you will forgive me.

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