I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Friday, October 21, 2011

Funny how life happens

Funny how life changes once one leaves a mission and goes home. I have just had 2 return missionaries come back to Seattle for a visit from returning home... BOTH of them I have loved and was able to have them in my home.

So both of these missionaries found young ladies on there mission.. they are dating and well as I sat down with all of these young people... I still think as myself as a young person... guess what.... I just realized... I am old enough to be there FATHER.... I had to take back... that as both of the return missionaries was dating these young woman who... well as I started to talk to them find out the they are still in high school.

NOW as I was sitting with them.. these young ladies had no clue what life is about yet! They have yet to live "IN THE WORLD" really they had no clue what these return missionaries were talking about as the rms were talking about thing that happened to them on there mission and they would quote scripture and other things these young women... still needed to be in young women and doing thing with "YOUNG" people of there own age.

YES I was a father here... 9:30pm  and  I am thinking where is my daughters..... out making out with 2 young men... yes they hold recommands... but... they are still little girls..

anyway.. as this OLD fart is thinking... I was never like this!


Cami said...

Wait...the girls came and met you at your home...and they are still in highschool? Heck No, if that was Mal...or if that was Mer after his mission. I would imagine there needs to be some boundaries for 'dating', and interfering with high school and growing up doesn't seem wise. I'm sure it could be done well....but I don't think the best interests of each person are being thought of. ....I'm with you scott

Life According to Scott said...

Cam these return missionaries came with there "DATES" to my house. as I was talking to them found out they are still in High School.

Dad said...

Yes, you are thinking like an old person. Get used to it, it will get to feel comfortable.