I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

No Crying PLEASE!

Ok I will have to tell you right now, I started crying when I first scanned the first picture and Well I think I am doing good YET! This is really really hard so please bear with me. This is all because I am helping with the Relief Society Event on Saturday and I am using Mother's Apple Cake Recipe.

Thurday September 25, 2008 with mark 20 Years of the Death of my dear mother.. OK this is harder than I was planning it to be.

I am not sure when mother had this picture taken but it is one that is haning in my room.

No look very closely and you will see my little mother in her school days she is the little girl that is on the right, first row. And just a side note this is the house that I was raised in. She when to school there.

This is Mom and Daddy on there wedding day this was February 15, 1953

Now it has always been me and mom... I believe this is at Aunt Florence Home

This one was at camp... I was a baby

Like I said before it was always about me! And Please note mother still has her natural hair color!

Patty, Steve, Me Mother and Daddy

This is At Patty's Wedding with was in 1978.. August

Yeah Chad came shortly after that... Look at her pants

This is my little Sara and her Grammy

Mom and I did everything together. This Aunt "Butch" Doris Leitch at the Camp in Poe Valley

This was at Steve and Julie's Wedding.. Just note the shirt... it's what mom was burried in!

This was a picture of Aunt Florence, Mother, and Aunt Mable. February 15, 1988, at A little Suprise Anniversy Party for mom and dad, Little did we know.

and just to think this is the last picture I ever took of mom... Ok TEARS, bear with me...

She was my best friend. She walked me throught life until 1988. I have no idea that 20 years could have such an effect on me.

Yeah I miss her... It's hard because I dont remember alot of thing anymore. I only had 17 years with her, Patty and Steve and a few more than I did.

I drove mother to the doctors every day for about a year, for treatment.

She taugth me to drive in her 1968 Jeep she bought from Aunt Florence.

She took me to Bush Gardens, She took me on road trips with Aunt Butch, she learned to Roller Skate again at 50, and she to ride a bike. She would ride her bike back to work in the summers so that I could go play with my friends.

I was her change of life BABY!

She was my MOM!

So I just want to say Mom I hope I made you proud. I am living life to its fullness. I have made a few mistakes in my life. But I hope that I have not been a disappointment to you. Thanks for the memories you gave me and the life that you gave me. Mom I miss you and Love you.

Your Loving Son.



Chivaun-o-rama said...

You sure look a lot like her...are we lucky to have had people in our lives...I'm glad we get to see them again. :)

Anonymous said...

I loved reading this, Scott. Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. I've never seen them before! She sounds like she was a great lady.

Abby said...

Okay,Scott. I did not plan to be bawling at my computer this early in the day. What a sweet lady she was, and I'm positive that you've more than made her proud.

Life According to Scott said...

Abby I said no crying PLEASE! I sent the picture of Sara and Mom to her this morning and she said Thanks uncle Scott you made me cry... It was not to be a crying event last night when I wrote it.. funny how one cake recipe was going to do that to me and what I would write because of it.

Brousseau Family said...

How can you possibly ask that we not cry? I am sitting here bawling my eyes out trying to imagine what life must have been like for you at that time. Scott you are strong strong strong, and simply amazing. Life certainly throws hard things at us - but you have taken a life changing hardship and become a stronger better person from it. I am so proud of you. I can't believe how much you look like your mom! Just imagine a few more years and you'll get to tell her those things yourself. Love to you.


Life According to Scott said...

Katie I am planning to make it more than a few more years... maybe more like 50 years! Wait let me add that up.....no 60 years I want to live to be in my 90's... I think being old and cute is what I will be... GRUMPY yes but it will be all worth it to have all my sisters taking care of me! or will that be all my nieces and nephews taking care of me.
Because I will be taking care of mother when she is in her 100's and well I am only 29.

Anonymous said...

You are darned right I'm going to be here til my
100's!! These pictures are delightful...she is such a wonderful guiding light in your life...well done, Scott; for following that light!! Love, other mother

Anonymous said...

Scott, I don't get emotional very often, but you did it. How could anyone not be proud of you? We all are and we aren't even your mother!!! Keep up the good work

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

I miss my grammy! She is the one I would be taking to the grocery store today!!! On both of our trips to Danville hospital w/Nolan we saw cardinals twice. Made me cry even more, but I knew we were all gonna be ok. Wish she was still here. We would be very close to each other!!! Sara