I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, September 21, 2008

What was I thinking

So last night was a great night for me because I got to see Liz and Albert and family. It was just a nice evening eatting India food for Liz.

I got home and was already to settle down when the phone rang and it was the missionaries from church asking if they could use my computer. Which is never a problem for me.

So this morning I am getting ready for church and remember I only live a block away... but for some odd reason I cant seem to get to church on time. Well I like to be there early and save my seats for the Crosby's because I need my little weekly dosage of children to remind me why I am single.

Well I have been asked to help with the Relief Society Dinner on Saturday Night. I have know about it for a few weeks and I was really only asked to do the table center pieces and thats all. Well there cook as called in sick. (YEAH he called sick a few weeks ago and now.... I have been asked to help there.)

Well I have been waiting to hear from one of the stake presidency just what is going on.. You know I hate to plan things at the last minute!

So Here is What was I thinking minute that I had... I am waiting for the stake president and there is another older man there waiting as well.... I made the comment this is like waiting at the dr's office. He made a comment back that he for one was next. and Then I just made the comment that I was needed to know what was going on with the dinner saturday night... Me trying to talk here... and he said its under control of the stake president... I kindly said back... well I understand that but when your the cook and need to do something I cant wait until Saturday night to plan a meal.

What was I thinking moment here... Really, I understand most old men mormons have a set way about them but really... did you have to say that to me. I wanted to say something back but I kindly got up, and said Well I will check back in a minute or two and I found my keys and left.. really what was I thinking....

I am one that has to have all the details planned out a month in advance and I cant wait until the last minute to plan something. I am not that type of person...
Now I know he might have been in meetings all day and he might be hungry but... you have to think DO you have to be that rude! wow... Really.
But then again what was I thinking of trying to be a nice person and going out of my way to help some of my brothers and sisters out. Really is that what I am to do.

Oh yeah I still plan on doing it but hey if they get peanut butter and jelly sandwiches so be it!

Because I have done my part!


Anonymous said...

Let's see...hmmmm...was anyone rude to the Savior...did he get up and leave...hmmmmm?? Did he do his absolute best even for those spewing rudeness...hmmmm?? Love you Scottie!! xo mom

Anonymous said...

Chill, Scott. It was, after all, just an old man. What do they know? Dad