I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, September 15, 2008

Thursday, Friday and Saturday

So Thursday I went to see the Phantom, which once again was just wonderful.
Then on Friday I went to see SHERK the Musical. Can I tell you it is AWESOME!

There were many that felt it was slow and was not the movie... DUH! thats right it wasnt. It was full of new music and SHERK looked so real. They start with the stage lite and there is this big tree in the middle and well you had to watch carefully before it started because there were so many things happening it wasnt funny. Snakes, worms, bugs, eyes it was just awesome to watch the lights moving. The stage was awesome.

Then it opens as his parents say your out of here, and it moves into this big world. IT was just AWESOME. I guess I should say that a very dear customer of mine bought me my ticket. SO thank you Diane and Madga. It was a wonderful evening. I loved it.

There are so many things that you had to watch because you would miss it if you did not.

Saturday night I should have just stayed home but I went out and well now its a blurr... yeah its the old age sitting in..

Sunday morning, I slept. Its funny for many of you dont know I live a block away from the Stake Center where I go to church. In the FAMILY ward. Well I was reading everyones blogs sunday morning and before I knew it I was late for church. Yet I was early. I always save a seat for my family... The Crosby's, which I know will always show up at 11:08.. That is my standing JOKE!

It was nice to be in church on sunday after having to work the last 2 of them, I am taking more off. I look at it this way. The shop can sell its self.

SO Sunday was a long day and as soon as church was over I was in bed. I was so tired that I could not tell if I was coming or going seeing I worked all last week 10 days in a row.

Yeah I am killing myself.

So today I said I am not going to work. I took the day off. 2 in a row. WOW how did I do that I do not know and I dont really care.

All I know is that is was so nice to have the day off and I got a lot done. I am now down in the clothing department. I cleaned out all the spring/summer clothes and packed them up for next year. I might just take them all away and buy new next spring.

I put shoes away and did 4 loads of laundry... which is not on the top of my bed to do before I go to bed.

I had a cake order due for tomorrow so I also did that today. YEAH I can work good when I want to.. Oh i even took the time to pull the frig out and washed the floor and the stove out and washed behind it. Yeah tell me about it.

Oh anyone have any secrets of getting those fun fruit flies out of your house.
I bleached everything today just to get it them under controll.

I love this time of year you should see my garden. I have so many tomatoes right now that they are going bad on the vines and I was saying I had no fruit.

Well I must leave you all now... Oh I have noticed on most of your blogs that you have a list when someone blogs you get a notice... how do you get that. It would save me time to see when you blog. Remember you have to tell me step by step. It not one of my strong suits to be able to blog.

Ok love ya all!


Chivaun-o-rama said...

You have to go into the change/add layout part...it should give you an option to add the application...so then all you have to do is add people's blog address's. :)

That sounded complicated...if you decide you can't figure it out...call me...especially in the evening when I'm working on Seminary stuff. ;)

Abby said...

Kay Scott. You need to come over here and pull my stove and fridge out. Yesterday I was mopping the floor and glanced under the fridge and about puked. But still, had no desire whatsoever to go the extra mile and pull the fridge all the way out. And about the fruit flies, we had them in our plants. Mom told me that Home Depot or stores like it carry a spray that you just spray on your plant. We've been doing that regularly and it's seemed to help a bit.

Candy said...

We are taking Tori to see Phantom for her birthday on Oct 9. We are so excited! Was it awesome? Love ya.

Ezelise said...

Scott! Sounds like you had some busy days off! Anyway, here is the link to my blog http://ezelisebrunette.blogspot.com/

Anonymous said...

I think Scott should go on a fridge-stove tour to all of our houses!! And...Ab you had gnats...Scott, if you really have "fruit flies" then you won't get rid of them until you find the source...Love, mom