I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Friday, September 19, 2008

George's Birthday

So now I am feel a little old.... We just celebrated one of my old roommate's 30th Birthday. OK heres the part of my life that i say WHAT! He turned 30. he was my roommate when I turned 30, oh wait I guess that was just last year never mind I dont feel that old. And 2 children on top of it all.

Shelly asked me to help with the suprise. So I said YES, I baked a cake, I got some balloons, and picked george up from work. went out to dinner and ate very very slow. meaning I ate my hole plate of seafood and pasta, and ate bread sticks and ate dessert just to keep him from going home to find out that it was for a surprise 30th Birthday Party for him.

I still think my highlight was feeding THEO all the cake and cookies and SUGAR that one uncle could feed a child! :) I love being Uncle Scott... Feed them SUGAR and SEND them HOME! I love it.

As soon as shelly sends me pictures I will post them!

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Anonymous said...

Oh poor Scott...such a sacrifice for the surprise party...you're killin' me! Love, mom