I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, September 8, 2008

My week....

Ok It has been one of those weeks again... So here are a few quick pictures...

On Wednesday I said Yes to hosting a 2 year old birthday party in my back yard. Now the old comment "WHAT WAS I THINKING" has been going through my mind over and over and over and over... NOT really I loved every minute! I would do it all over again in a heart beat!
So who was the Party for?

THEO! my friend Ben and Becca's 2 year old. It was a blast.. I am Uncle Scott and Lovin every minute of it.

It's funny if you want to hear the real story go to http://www.crosbychapter.blogspot.com/

Becca will tell the story. I wanted to do more but they would not leave me. One of these days I am not going to take NO for an answer!

So On Thursday My Friend Valerie Kenndey from Work, Asked me to go with her to go through the shops of Sultan and Monroe, and well I had nothing better to do than get my hair cut, which looks really good this time.

so we went out and about. Well Valerie will always be taking pictures of the most fun things, I loved the black eyed susans and have always wanted a patch of them but for some odd reason I cant get them to grow for me so I took this picture. DO you see the BEE!

So with Valerie you never know what your going to do, She lives life. so we ended up going horse back riding. We paid for an hour ride and it was so fun. Skyland Ranch up in Goldbar, Washington.

I have all the pictures with Valerie on the horse and she has all of me on the horse.

So on the ride we ended up going right down to the river, Valerie and the Guide got there horse to go into the river... I think my horse did not want to get its feet wet because I could not get that horse into the river no way no how. it was a very beatiful day and I had a blast.

I texted mother that I just got done with a horse back ride and she said WHy did I go...

I am living life.

I can not sit here waiting for life to happen. I have to live it. SO I did.

To find out after we were done with the ride that the guides are in recovery from either drinking or drugs and they are there for a long term committment. It was very fun and we were able to help someone out.

Then to top it all off I have not slept very well the last 3 days and I was in a little pain on Friday when I woke up because of the ride. But it was FUN!

Ok well everyone I hope all is well. I miss you all and can not wait to have you come visit!

Love Ya



The Shavers said...

That sounds like such a blast scott! And I love that you can see the bee on the flowers!!!

Brousseau Family said...

That picture of your backyard looks beautiful. I would kill for a backyard like that. Horseback riding must have been so fun and TOTALLY worth the pain later. . .


Becca said...

The backyard is beautiful! The food and balloons were awesome Scott, thanks so much!

Anonymous said...

Yeehaw, Scott!! Way to GO FOR THE GUSTO!!! Love, mom