I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, January 17, 2011

it' Monday

SO last night was a peaceful night yet very sad because my family was not here for dinner.
I did not cook. I did not clean the house up, and I did not do anything but eat chocolate chip cookies.

So yesterday was just not the normal sunday.. YEAH I know. IT was dry council sunday at church.. I am so sorry but this is the 3rd sunday and I would do almost anything to have a child so that I could get up and leave when some of these men get up to speak... OK if they knew how to speak.. SORRY to be so judgemental but I really think if you are going to be there to repesent the stake you should know at least how to speak. REALLY.. DON'T be talking down to us and Talk to us on a human level.. really I could have given the same talked and make made the same point with out loosing the whole ward and putting us all to sleep. OK that's my two cents worth.

So I have to tell ya.. I taught a fun lesson yesterday. THIS is where I came so close to saying a few choice words... LOL
So I have been a little stinker when it comes to teaching and the lessons I teach and I have learned alot about who I am but when I want to teach I love to use objects and videos and have some fun.
Well last time I taught the TV/DVR player acted up and just made the whole thing so frustrating... and when it comes to me I have to stay calm because it just makes me mad that we can't have an operating equiment. If the stake president would be in a meeting and this would happen to him.. I think he might be on the horn to salt lake and we would have NEW.
So this sunday I took my DVR player from home with me with the remote so that I could teach my lesson. Set it all up in the library. Was ready...

So here I am I just gave the doctrine and was going in for the KILL and .... ^%$# &**^% **&*&^ ((&*&#&#$( yes I said it. (well NO I really did not but I was thinking it).
I pushed play the video started and guess what... NO SOUND. PLEASE
REALLY no sound.

so we ended up putting on the subtitle and read the video... I was turning red and then I calmed down and started laughing. REALLY the Lord has a scence of humor! I think there must have been a million people watching that lesson and me... I looked at the ceiling one time and rolled my eyes. IT was priceless.. I think it turned out to be a very good topic and lesson... Oh it was on fasting... wait until next month... I am taking my dvr and my flat screen if I have to do a lesson.

NEXT month the lesson is Work and personal responsibility so if anyone has any ideas on that please share...

OK I am not sure what else to say... OH I am turning 40 on Thursday!


Michelle said...

my mom teaches the same lessons. Did you know that some lady put out a resource supplement for the lessons. It list videos, pictures, extra scriptures, quotes and object lessons in it.

I am sure my mom will be using the saying she learned from her Great Grandma and yes I heard it all my life and have it learned.

"Things you do do with all your might things done by halves are never done right"

and a lady in my ward said this back in Oct.

"good better best, never let it rest, tell the good is better and the better is best.

Anonymous said...

Oh Scott...settle down and avoid getting caught in the "thick of thin things!" Love, mom