I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, January 31, 2011

The lessons we can learn

So last night I texted mother and said... " I might the chance to go on TREK" do you know how excited I am for this... it has been 23 years since I went on the first TREK! IT was such a wonderful thing in my life and a blessing.. I was so excited to go to the meeting with the youth to learn more. I am so wanting to go on this!

Memories are coming back of all the fun and all that I learned. I learned a lot and I can still hear Matthew saying "Mom he bore a testimony"... it was one of the best things I had ever done.. GOING on the trek... I wish I could tell our youth how awesome it was!

(OK I strated this post two weeks ago... I will finish it now)

So I went to the fireside so that I might be able to go on the trek.. WELL we will see because right now our stake is behind the times and well we will see.

But I did learn a few things.

1st is we are each pioneers. we are all walking a new


Anonymous said...

Pioneers day in and day out...each on our own trek!! Love, mom

dad said...

I think you learned some valuable lessons on your first trek, including not letting the cart run over your foot. Seriously, life is a trek, isn't it? Keep on trekking, Scott.