I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Turning 40 was Awesome...

however... it has some ups and downs...
I am having the time of my life.. and 40 is fabulous.. I love it.. someone said to me today how 40 is treating me and I replied It is awesome if I would have know this I would have been 40 a few years ago.
I have been enjoying life so far and I am just starting to climb that hill of over the hill.. I am at the bottom looking up!
who ever said 40 is over the hill wow they made a big mistake! maybe when that was said people were only living to 60 or something because I am so YOUNG!

So here is what I do know however... maybe it is just me...NOPE not just me... But everyone knows I can not stand water... I can not stand drinking plain WATER...it has no flavor and for me it is boring... I need more to it. WELL in the last week I have been drinking water and it taste kind of nice.. NO I am not giving in but.. I have found that If I dont drink my water I am getting shakie and it kind of scares me.. BECAUSE I just downed a liter of Dr Pepper and Well now I am wanting water.
and the other thing with that is... 5am is way to early for me to get out of bed to run to the bathroom...
Come on now I just went to bed 20 minutes before that!

Now it should not be any big surprise that I love my food... I have to say... one of my favorites in the past few weeks have been .... I should ask you to quess but no one would ever get it... OK you guess here....

Brussel Sprouts.... LOVE THEM!

as silly as it may seem... LOVE them.. you can do so much with them and they taste great.. Fresh is always the best but I have had to turn to frozen ones. WELL you want to know something Birdeyes taste the best!

They are so sweet with a little butter on them.. YUM!!!

So what else is going on... I have been working on slowly putting the pictures in an scrapbook.. but really not much more going on!


Anonymous said...

I am a fellow-water-addict...welcome aboard! Say...I noticed that you look verrrry fit and trim...great job!! Love, mom

dad said...

I think you are sick, Scott. You better get in for a checkup and be sure to tell the doctor you like brussel sprouts and see what he says is wrong with you.