I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, July 14, 2008

And Away we go

Ok I know here it comes again another wonderful letter by SCOTT!

It has been one of those weeks when I think what and where did that come from. First off I missed going to PA for my nephew's wedding. which really breaks my heart in away. I am such a bad Uncle. I really am. I went out of my way to go home for Sara's wedding and Did so much more for her's and gave and gave and well.... I SUCK!

I did go to another wedding and well.... The food was great Auntie Wes, catered that one and she did a wonderful job. Just like she always does.

But I am getting tired of going to weddings alone and SINGLE oh I quess going alone would mean I am single DUDH!!!

Did I pick the wrong chapter out of the book of life to live my life by? I will tell you some days I think What was I thinking. Oh well.

So out of it all I got to bring home the top part of the wedding cake! LOL I know am I just bad or what!

I sometimes have to think what did I do this time to get where I am. I love what I do for a living and I sometimes think I am good. I enjoy the people I work with, I enjoy my home. Oh which by the way you should see my YARD!!!! it is outstanding.
If Becca will ever show me how to add pictures in the middle of my typing I will take some pictures and show you it. It is going to town. Everyone says they love my yard.... YEAH you know how many hours I spend in it.

Well I guess I have updated enough. Have a peaceful night
Love to all of you!


Becca said...

I'll show you how to add pictures next time I'm at your house. :)

Anonymous said...

You are WRITING your own chapter in the Book of Life...not living by something someone else wrote! That is the magic...going through life blessing others and then receiving exactly the blessings you seek in this life and the next!! Now, hurry up with those yard photos...Love, mom