I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Ok I have this thing about lights...

I know that I have a small humble home and I try to decorate it nicely... NICELY do you hear me. I dont go over the top I just keep it simple.. I will remember to take pictures..

BUT what I dont understand is why some people think that they only need to put a little wreath on the door and call it good.. I love lights.. I love when people decorate outside with lights. I was over to my Bishop's house tonight and it was simple and beatiful..

But some of there neighbors could have used a little help. some of them had wonderful decorations up but they needed the fininshing touches..

so when I was driving home I started looking at lights.. and I should have taken pictures because it was funny... if you are going to put ice cycle lights on your home make sure you get them up all over I saw a house that had them up... however they did not finish the house roof and stopped and went across instead of up... it was so noticeable...

Ok well that's my two cents worth!


Michelle said...

I have to Admit we didn't put any of them up. The one year we did they flipped onto the roof and the reindeer and light tree in the yard were frozen to the ground until MAY!!! If you like lights check out my cousin's house in Utah

I think he has the full 2010 year on here. We watched it through you tube last night. You will love it.

Anonymous said...

Kami and Matt took us all to a house that had incredible lights hooked up to a sound system that played through the car radio...IT WAS AWESOME! Love, mom

chelsea said...

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