I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Picture me, at this

SO I have been told that sometimes when you are feeling blue or other times and when things just are not going the way you think they should or just not happening the way one would hope that it might just be best if you sit down and write...

OK so just take a minute to think about what I am going to write.. I am wearing a pair of RED and BLACK plad sweat pants.. dont know who or where I got them from.. and a brown plad shirt.. and my black dress socks..

LAUGH really LAUGH all you want right now because that is what I have on and the mood I must be in...

Maybe its the fact that my THESIS was due on monday and I had not yet finished it and everyone says let me look at it before you turn it in and I do and they HELP me alot with corrections and what needs to be done but then it turns out to be something I wanted but I could not write it the way I wanted to write it and I feel that I just failed big time and well... NOW I am feeling the blues and thinking what am I doing and just saying WHY ME and the funk is I am confused!!! CONFUSED with my life and what is happening with it at this time.......!!!!

I was not going to even start to get the chirstmas decoration out and do anything until after school was over but I feel I need to do it this week.. So I am starting that project.. on top of everything else.. I might be just a little crazy!!!!

Oh dont worry I have been popping my vietim D everyday I am not depressed I am just conficted!

I guess what I have to do is make a list an check it twice... I have never been one not to understand where I was going or what I was doing... but sometimes a big old foot needs to kick me in the butt and say do it now... (No mother I do not need your foot kicking me)

Hope everyone can understand what and where I am coming from...

Love ya


dad said...

Yes, most all of us understand and hope something positive happens right away.

Anonymous said...

Oh...shoot!! And I was just slipping into my best butt-kickin' boots!! Love, mom