I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, December 19, 2010

To think about it!

So when I first started school (College) I believe Abby and I went to wall-mart shopping for dishes.. I said I was going to go PLAIN so that I could use them every day and yes they are timeless and yes they are corelleware and well I have been using them as my everyday dishes for years and if they break I am ok with that too...

then a few years ago I started to collect the timeless BLUE WILLOW. Which I loved but I was finding it very hard to find piece to it and it's old and well I ended up giving my whole collection to Auntie WES because I started to collect FIESTA WARE which I love... ( I just want to add that Auntie Wes Loves her blue willow and uses it daily... Which is what it was ment to be used.)

SO I still love my Fiesta Ware and I collect it every chance I get to buy a new piece I do. And I use it every Sunday for my family Dinner... I will add that TED has broke one piece of it and he has to eat off the corelle ware. (Love ya TED).

And every year I said to myself that I was going to treat myself to something. FIESTA is my every Sunday China and I love it..
But one time I saw a place setting for the Holiday and I fell in love with it.. and I said I will buy myself a setting each year for Christmas until I have a serving of 12 for my family. you always make your settings in 12, dont ask why its the law. so.. I started to collect......

Lenox, Holiday.

Now Lenox Holiday is well.... Very Pricy. A 5 piece place setting like what you see above runs.. anywhere from $99. on sale to $150 Yes I have a problem.. YES I love the Very BEST and I have a mother that has taught me that. (Right mother.)
So this is why I only do buy one 5 piece place setting a year.
THis year I wasnt planing on getting one.. I did not even think about it. I wasnt even in Macy's or at the mall or anywhere that had it on sale. DO you hear me! I wasnt going to do it.
And I did not.
So hear is how I got another wonderful piece setting to this wonderful bone china.
Last week my little families must have been planning something and I know this is what they were planning. It came to me once I made a fool out of myself and said oh sure this is a wonderful set and you mother would love it and pulled it out and showed it.
Shelby came up to me at the party and said "My dad wants to get my mother China for Christmas, And I remember you showing me some beatiful China you got."
DUMB... it never sunk in until she left and Suzann could not help herself when I said "DONT do it"! it was funny because it really did not dawn on me until about 15-20 minutes later on what they were going to do.
SO I want to say... THANK YOU.. from the bottom of my heart. TO My wonderful Family Ted and Shelby, Cam and Lane, Dan and Suzann and Karl and Sheila for my wonderful wonderful TREAT....
I could never thank you enough for the little things in this life that has made my life so wonderful that you would treat me so kindly.
Love you all!


Jackie said...

Wow, Scott, you are loved! How great to have such wonderful friends.

Life According to Scott said...

Yes Jackie.. I have the best friends in the world.. I love each of them in so many different ways

dad said...

Lovely china, Scott.

Anonymous said...

Why...expensive taste...whatever do you mean??? Love, mom