I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Christmas Party 2010 OH MY!

So every year I have my Christmas Party.. Every Year it gets better and better and better and this year... well It was fun and full of life and well... IT was just awesome!

I learned a few years ago that I never get pictures of my party or the guests... Mainly because I am always in the kitchen and cooking and watching and well... this year Cholie got the idea she was taking pictures... One of these years I am going to hire Ben and Mandy to take pictures.. I always try to get Mandy to take pictures for me... BUT they did not come this year.. I was very sad! Love you guys.

So the first picture is of Kristen Wes and Hillary McKay. ( I work with Hillary and her Husband on Stake Activities).

Pitured is Beren McKay, President Gary London, Erick Saganic

My dear sweet Ann Romish and Laura Saganic

Yes you got a picture of me... Cholie.. (You know if you just waited for me... you could have been Sister Leitch..) LOL

Beren, Jared Bounty and SIster London

Jared and Jen

Jen and Kristen

Jen, Sister Loni Shriber and Me... I look like I am 9 months Pregant... NOW that would be funny!

John and Cholie Ash and Bishop and Sister Hall (He will always be Bishop Hall)

Jared (Just thinking what he is going to eat next!)

Peter and Jen and Calab (Next door Neighbors...I love theses guys!)

Bishop Shriber

Allan Brown fixing the train for 100th Time

Brandon West eatting another Scone

Jackie Johnson (my old assistant) I miss Jackie!

My Dear dear dear Sharron Hall... I so love this Lady and I will always.. WIth her granddaughter Emily!
This is just a part of the photo's that were taken and I am always sad because I do not get to take more pictures of everyone but this year thank you Cholie.
It was really fun.. I started at 4:30 and it ended at 10. Yes I was tired and yes I had a final the next day but over all it was so worth every minute I got to spend cooking, and cleaning, and fixing and swearing and just making all the food that I did. (I burnt my self good so I had to say a few good words..) Sorry Mother.. It is the PA in me!
I learned that left over turkey is good for something and that is Turkey Enchiladas.
So I made 6 pans of Turkey Enchiladas, total of 204 rolled corn tortillas!
I have 3 pans left and my cultural studies class is coming over on Monday Decemeber 20th to eat them!
I had chips and salsa.. I learned a few years ago that people just love to eat chips and salsa so I made salsa ... ok I added stuff to the store bought stuff and it was yummy!
Little smokies are always a hit so we had them and refried beans and well It was food every where you looked.
I think when it was all over and done with there was about 75 people and it was just fun in my little home.


Jackie said...

Sounds so fun! One of these times, we will be at a Scott Christmas party, darn it!!

Anonymous said...

I wanna go too!! The antithesis of Scrooge, you are Scott...the holiday magician. Thanks for the report!!! Love, mom

dad said...

I agree with the others; this sounds so fun...and 75 people? Wowee!