I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Post 150 since I have started to Blog

Ok this might not be the best blog for number 150.

1st I will start out by telling you that the insurance company came back with a offer that I for one was floored by and I took it. $5300. It will be a good down payment on a car. NOW I have to find a car and I have to find a loan.

Thats the good news.

Now the not so good news is I am not feeling like me? I am having neck pains and I am not sleeping worth a darn. DRUGS are my friend.. NOT really.

I am starting to have great days and not so great of days. I go up and down.. maybe right now as I right its not a good day. I quess it is just all the stuff that comes around and things I do and not sleeping and well do you understand it.

I went last night and tonight to see WICKED! It was awesome both times, my only problem is who I went with the second time. I get the jeoulosies... wishing I was with someone else or with anyone that would enjoy the play like it is ment to be enjoyed and not complaining the WHOLE time of all there problems.

AM I ever going to find someone? Really am I ever going to find true happyiness? I am getting a little tired of not having someone. I understand that you have to work on both being single and being married and there are up and downs to that as well and That I can not be selfish!

BUt I want to know when I am going to find myself I guess! Maybe that is what I need to be worried about right now Trying to find myself. I feel alone. I am still doing great spirtiualy but there is something missing and I cant understand what it is.

Well for now I have taken my drugs so I am hoping I can sleep the night and past 6 tomorrow morning.

Love ya


Abby said...

Oh, Scott. I've always thought that I wouldn't fare single life very well. I can barely do the married thing well, I know for sure I'd flub up single life. I think you are doing a fabulous job at "finding yourself". But one thing I've learned is you never reach the end of the finding. We keep evolving, and thus we keep looking to see who the new me is. And may I say, I am SOOO jealous that you got to see Wicked. Cassie introduced that music to me, and I love it. We sure love you.

dad said...

Scott, there is no perfect match out there, I am afraid. You just have to keep looking and let God do the rest. Sometimes the answer, or the person, is right in front of you.

Anonymous said...

I am not too sure what to say...I guess I will find my person some other time! Love, Tim

Anonymous said...

Well...each of our paths is so different...your earlier photo has it right...BLOOM (GROW) WHERE YOU ARE PLANTED!! And, you are a master at that...keep up the good work and everything else will take care of itself...now and/or later...it is in God's hands and isn't that comforting! Love, mom