I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I am OK!

So with just a bad case of "WHIPLASH" I am doing fine...! this morning I woke up with a neck pain and a back ache and my knee hurt but a few more pills I will be fine.

WHat happened... I just left northgate mall after getting a birthday present.. 5th Ave NE runs almost to my home so I was traveling south on 5th ave and the speed limit is only 25-30 so I was not going fast. the next thing I knew I saw the car I hit in front of me and I hit her. and then the next thing I knew is that the car behind me hit me. The first thing was I turned off the car and coasted it over to the side of the Street. I then looked for my cell phone and called 911. reported an accident and said we would need police and then I looked in the review mirror and said I would need an ambulance.

I got out of the car and made sure the young lady I hit was ok and then the police were there and I did not get to talk to the lady that hit me. I was on the phone calling the insurance company and making sure things were taken care of.

The medical team was asking me questions and I was still trying to make sure everything was getting reported. I was not taking any chances I even started taking pictures to make sure Everything was in order.

Thats how I got the pictures. The medical team then asked if I was hurt and I said just a little elbow pain and that my back was starting to hurt. so they put one of those things around my neck and made me sit down... I was just trying to make sure everything was in order.

so they asked me if I could walk I said yes after they made me sit down... so I walked down to the ambulance and they asked if I could sit down on the table. Said yes and then they leaned me back and tied me to the back board. really tied me to the back board, LOL I was telling them JOKES the whole time. I had to do something. asked me about pain and where it was...

So once again I got an ambulance ride to the hospital... YAHOOO have you ever been tied to a board, facing the same way you are driving and trying not to slide on a board that you are tied to and well its almost like a roller coaster. all along telling jokes to make the ride easier.

GOt to ER and well thats 3 hours I will never get back. had an ultra sound to make sure no enturnal bleeding and was released

Walk from ER to the instutue building... and Sister Romish picked me up. and well here we are I slept OK last night I do not think I moved! I am favoring my left side of my neck and head, and left arm. I have a little pain in the middle back and just trying to get people to call me back so that I can get up and go!

Home Teachers are coming over to give me a blessing this afternoon and then hopefully I will have a rental car in the drive so that I can go to the DR's apppointment to make sure I am OK.. A little nuts but hey I can tell them that. NO BLACK AND BLUE YET!

Thanks for the prayers when I look at this in the big picture really... It was just a car and I have my life.
No one was really hurt and I am very greatful that I pay insurance each month to cover me and the other driver.

When you look at life and the different chapters in which we write.. we have to say thank you for the life we live!


Abby said...

Thanks for the summary of events...sooooooo glad you're okay. I know it's not in your nature, but lay around for as long as you can and take it easy. You always think you're recovering quicker than you are...at least in my limited experience.

James said...

I am so glad that you are okay! We love you so much!

James said...

That is Candy, by the way.

dad said...

Scott, we are glad you are ok. By the way, you should be a professional writer. I love reading what you write.

Davis Family said...

So glad to hear that you are ok Scott! Please let us know if you need anything. P.S....I can get you a screamin' deal on a motorized wheelchair if ever needed!! ;o) Love and miss!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

Like we said...VERY LUCKY!! And we are very thankful! Love, mom & Tim