I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Where are they??? This one's for the Crosby's

I have not heard from them or have seen them post anything so I am hopeing that they are out there safe and sound...

But this one's for BEN!

Hoping you will enjoy them from where ever you may be!

I miss you guys!

Love Ya

PS.... I do have video of these steaks grilling and you can see the smoke and here them sizzling... but for some odd reason I can not down load it!


Abby said...

Okay Scott, you're officially killing me. They look delicious. Even without seeing the smoke and hearing them sizzling. Mmm Mmm.

Anonymous said...

We are safe and sound and finally back in contact, but we're not as well as we would be sitting in your backyard smelling those steaks. You know how to torture me. I can taste them as I write this!


Becca said...

We miss you Scott!

dad said...

There is no good reason to torture us by posting pictures of steaks cooking. Knock it off!

Anonymous said...

Dad is right...and, plus, today is Fast Sunday and I'm really gettin'...ahhhhhhhhh. But, today is my birthday dinner day...yummm! Love, Tim

Anonymous said...

May I borrow a tissue from someone for this drool!!!?? Love, mom

Abby said...

Dang Scott! Why you gotta make me droll here at work for? I just got finished eating my breakfast and for some odd reason I'm hungry for...STEAK!!!

Now you really have to come visit us and show me what kind of steak that is, how to cook it and how to have something that good still sitting on the grill long enough to take a pix of it! I for sure would've eaten it already...besides...we need some Uncle Scott time! You told me one of these days you would just "surprise" us and show up! LOL! Anyday now! Love you brother!