I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Good Bye's

Ok Everyone knows I do not do well with Good Bye's, But I do them.. Well because its apart of life.

Now I am not going to cry..... YEAH RIGHT! Last night I had the Crosby's come over before they were done packing so that I could get there hand prints in stepping stones. Yeah Its a new Idea and I always need stepping stones and they will always be apart of my garden that way.
So once done with the stepping stones I got a fast picture.

So today was packing the house day for them and I worked! Sorry Crosby's I told you all along I was not going to help pack and that I was not lugging a box. Once I heard Ben had 14 apple boxes full of books.. Yeah I was not going to help. LOL I would have helped.

So I said I was going to do dinner, Ben had to work so I got them dinner done and took it to them at the travel Lodge.

I am going to miss my kiddo's.

So we packed up the food and took it to the car and I said Becca you need to open the car.. WHY well I went to Costco... YEAH Costco and kids go hand in hand..
I just remembered all the stuff that Abby had for her Road Trip so I was prepared..
Animal crackers,
Cheese and crackers,
Red Vines,
Juice Boxes,
Snack Bars,
Baby Wipes,
and I know that there were more but I lost count.
We said our good bye's
SO Crosby Family I just want you to know I will always have a very very very special place in my heart.
I love you guys and I will miss my sunday nights at the travel Logde, I will miss all the steak dinners, I will miss all the pizza, the burgers, the shakes, you get the hint.. my sunday night dinners will never be the same.
I Love you guys... my life will never be the same!
I will really miss the time I got to spend with you.
The holidays, from Christmas to Easter, to making you countless steaks to dying easter eggs.
I dont do good bye's I do entill we meet again...
God be with you on this new adventure you are going to go on.
Until we meet again.
Love Your Friend Forever.


Brousseau Family said...

Saying goodbye to good good friends is always so difficult for me. I prefer to NEVER do it. What an adorable thing you did for them - I'm sure they will never forget it.

Life According to Scott said...

Thank you Katie... I perfer not to say good bye. SO LONG and See you again and all those kinds of GOOD BYE.. ITs Hard,...

dad said...

Scott, we have had to say goodbye to so many over the years, including you, by the way. It never gets easier, but the thought that saves you is that even though they are out of sight they are still your friends no matter what and you can always take up with them right where you left off when you see them again.

Anonymous said...

Well, Scott, for someone who doesn't do "Good Bye's," you did a humdinger of a job at it!! Doesn't it just make "eternity" all the sweeter to think of reuniting and of introducing friends and family from one time to those of another?? Love, mom

Anonymous said...

it is tough to say goodbye all the time even if it is for a short or long time just let it go!!! love, tim