I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Wont Heaven be Grand!

I knew this day was coming... Once again... I get so involved in peoples lives and then they have to say GOODBYE.. because they are done with school and are moving on with ther lives....

OK Really this is getting harder and harder for me to say good-bye. It's not the the fact that I will say good-bye its the fact that I wont have them here when I need them. AM I making any scence there...

(Just  a side not if this takes forever to read its because I have taken my pill to sleep.. so if it seems like I lost it... I DID!)

So really when Ben and Becca left, I packed the car with gummy fruit snacks, baby wipes, cookies, cheese snacks, and heck I dont know what all but They hit the road with lots of goodies and the post improtant thing was I had memories of my kiddo. You know I think I cried myself to sleep that night because I lost one of my best friends.

So as I have been preparing myself that this day was going to happen again.. I did not know that it was going to touch me the same way and I was going to feel the same way...

Maybe it is that I wount have that sweet little Mallroy coming up to me and say "Cott sucker please" or the look on Saydee's look as she is getting ready to grab into the bag of suckers... I think its might be that I have become Unlce Scott!
When the Crosby's left my pugh at church was empty for about a week before the Surtarkis moved in. 2 years later. my empty pugh will once again become empty again.

Itg's really hard to watch all these families move in and out of the ward and when you get to know them and love them.... well it just tears me up a little.

I know that Heaven will be Grand because of all the people that I have gotten to meet in this life.

I think when it come right down to it. There are many people we have yet to meet that will be there to support each of us in different times of our lives.

I have to say I will Miss the squires, the surtarks. they have been a big part of my life every sunday night as we had sunday dinners at my home. They have been a great family to me.

It's not a good bye... Its a God speed until we meet again.

Love you guys!


Dad said...

Well said, Scott. You hit the nail on the head, exactly.

Anonymous said...

I have a roster already of my perfect "Ward in the Heavenly Stake!!" Love, mom