I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Aunt Florence

Today I called Aunt Florence to wish her a Happy Birthday. 83 years old. Aunt Florecne is the last living Neese. The last of her generation. Yes She has always been my favorite aunt. there was something about aunt Florence that I just loved. She was always creative, always making something and she always made the best fruit salad at christmas time... plus her santa clause christmas cookie. I always had a special place in my heart for her.

This has been a week and a half for me and I just am trying to figure it all out.
I think I need to step back and talk about last week. and that way I will catch everyone up and you will know what and where I am coming from this week.

Last week my boss Yvette went to Disneyland... YES I wanted to go and well as you can tell I did not get to go. LOL I would invite myself.

SO I was in charge once again of the shop. I have been working as much as I can just ot keep afloat.
so Friday the district Manager came in.. YES this is the same one that told me I no longer had a shop and put me where I am now. SO yes I try not to come into contact with him or anyone from the office when they come in. SO he walked the store pointing things out that needed to be changed and well gave a list and said he would be back this week to check it off. SO I made the effort to make sure I knew what was on the list and that it was taken care of.

SO I started in onthe list and made sure it was done before Yvette got back from Disenyland. SO I was outside working on Saturday doing the stuff that had to be done, and it as hot and I was hot and I was a mess and sweatie and well one of the employees came outside saying that the store manager was calling me. SO I came inside and called allan and asked him what he needed... He said I need to see you in my office... I was freaked out. I ran upstairs to the office and walked in and here sat the District Manager and of course the first thing out of my mouth was "Oh Crap what did I do now" he said shut the door and come in... I was totally freaked out and the color just dropped from me and I was not ready for what was to become a very good moment in my life.
Besides saying thank you for what I have done, I was also asked if I would go back into management if I was asked. I said I would if I need to and something came up close to home.

YES I would.. if something came up around my house I would go. I know there is a lot of stress and there was times I hated it but AT lease I had hour and I was not worried about where my next meal was coming from.... SO that is on my mind. I am not sure... I am very torn and I have been praying about it. I am not sure what I will do and I will just have to wait...

NOW here is something funny, yesterday I was working at another store. I like the traveling from one store to another to tell you the truth. and the HR person was there and said I hear your name coming up a lot? I said really.. SHe said YES I hear you are going back into the floral business... YES I am scared because I did not plan on it so soon.

SO this week I have been feeling a little off... Monday I had to take care of a root canal that needed to be retreated. Everyone knows how much I love going to the denist and well this was not to hurt.. HECK I have been hurting more now than I did when it was done the first time.

School was to start Tuesday and well I am very sad that I did not start again because well $$$$ money is the issue.  SO I am taking the semeter off again.

I have been asking and asking the Lord what am I to be learning from this all... and I still have not gotten the answer. I keep on thinking what is next.

I do know I have been feeing strange lately about everything going on in my life so I just am thinking something is going to happen.

I keep thinking of the book after the storm comes the rainbow.... well i have seen the storm and I have watched the rainbow... now tell me what is after that.


Cami said...

New Plan: Do management...only so you can choose your hours, make $$$, and buy a ticket to Sacramento. Truly Scott, You loved what you were doing in management, it was heart breaking when you left. It seems like a 'go with the flow' and see where it takes you week by week. I would probably start praying for 'joy in the journey'....and hold off on the 'what should I do'.
Good luck, miss you (and we are serious about a visit)

Abby said...

Amen to the Cami comment...I myself am trying to not freak out about what should I do, and really truly try and find joy in the journey. Before we know it, the journey will be over and I for one want to be able to say that it was enjoyable. Keep puttin one foot in front of the other, and God will guide you Scottie.