I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, July 17, 2011

updating once again

yeah i know its just a fast update but hey... I am doing an update which should have been done last week.
So the week I came home from idaho.. I found myself in the er with another case of kidney stones... YES got to love the idea that a piece of sand can really hurt you so much.
4th of July was fun... We did a 4th of July breakfast and served about 300 people with hundreds of pancakes and well it turned out jue wonderful thanks to the McKays and the Thatchers for all of your help because it just turned out well.
I spent the 4th with Ann and John after a nice nap, but they do have a great view of the fireworks and was so nice to be with them.

this week was a week of work.. yeah I got to work 40 hours and was very happy that I have some hours. I also picked up mother from the airport... dropped her off in Bellevue for a confernece, thinking yeah we could spend some time together.. someone got sick and I saw her when I picked her up to drop her off at the airport... yeah what a time we had.

tonight I had a wonderful dinner with friends and family and welll that is what has happened the last two weeks. up to date.

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