I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Whats going on!

I sometimes wonder what have I done with my life and what's going on with everything. I have been emailed about 100 different emails, a letter has been sent to me and well... I cant understand why I have been getting the emails and the letters. Love the fact that every single group out there has sent me an invite to join this group or join that group.  It comes out funny.. because I really dont understand why I get the emails or the letters.

so this last week I was personly sent a letter from the single adult program in our stake saying or asking or what ever it might be to attend the family 5th ward because it has a single adult program and my support is needed.. I might ADD that its a form letter and not a peronal letter by any means.

Our stake is 69% single adult. family 5th ward is a family ward in our stake and has most of the single adult 31 and OLDER! and then we have 3 young single adult wards which I was a part of since I moved to seattle 13 years ago.  I stayed in those wards until about 6 years ago when they kicked me out and I moved to the family 3rd ward. I choose to go to the family 3rd ward because they had this big push a few years ago that you need to go to the ward your home is in and that you are need in the ward inwhich you live.  REMEMBER what I just said....you are needed in the ward inwhich you live.

I have been needed and I am a support in the ward inwhich I live. So back to what I started. WHY is it that everyone wants me to be married off. I am so happy just being single.  there is times that I wish I had a family or a wife to have fun with. But I know what  my plan and goal is for life right now. Just to live life to the fullness is what my goal is.

As I was sitting out by the pond digging the ground up next to it I looked over to the many stepping stone that have been made. Stepping stones of MY family. Ben and Becca, Izzy and Theo, George and Shelly, Natalie and Rebecca, Cam and Lane, Mallory and Merrit and there are a few more that need to be made. BUT it was the idea that I am here for a reason.  I always have been saying for years that I am Scott Leitch. I dont need to be a friend of this person or that person to be someone because I am who I am.  (another reason I dont like the 5th ward).  I have made a name for myself in the family 3rd ward. I have given my heart and soul to the ward and will continue to do so... (when I am not working every sunday, I have been working a few sunday's to cover vacations for some while the summer is here.)


Jen said...

Oh, I'd love to go on a rant about the form letter!!!!!! Seriously...ok, just a little...lol... no offense to any meant... but, regardless of what religion or believe one practices, isn't ACCEPTANCE and LOVE taught? But, yet, OMG...you're single... something must be wrong, you must be married off ... Trust me...enugh years myself to remember it well! And, now after nearly 2 yrs of marriage the "when are you having kids" question has slowed, but yet persists... I guess we care for one another's lives and the questions are meant to mean and share that love and concern, but why not see the LIFE and POSITIVE NATURE in that person... Scott, regardless if you ever find 'THE ONE' or have 100 little Scotts... you have touched more lives and brought more of a sense of FAMILY AND LOVE to people than most "perfectly-happy-married-with-2.8-children" couples... Hold tight to LIVING YOUR LIFE...regardless of the "planned" outcome... I LOVE YOU my dear!

Dad said...

Scott, if you are supposed to go the 5th Ward, you will know it. Asking questions about why and whether or not the letter is a form letter just doesn't get it done. If God wants you there, He has a reason. Don't question it, just do it. He has a plan for you in spite of what your plan is.

Anonymous said...

A little more whine please.