I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I am doing ok!

So I will first state that I think that I might stress out a little to much over little details. Little details that sometime are BIG details and they matter. So here is a list of what has been going on with me this past week.
  1. Group Project
  2. MRI
  3. Crown on Front Tooth
  4. Dr's Appointment
  5. Finals

Ok most of this happened today LOL as I was texting mother today after my MRI on my neck and head I made the comment to her' "now we will see who is really Crazy"

I am still having massive headache's and neck pains from my car accident. My Physical Therapist says he believes it is because I went back to school. And seeing that I might be doing more looking down at books is effecting my neck. But he can not be sure. When he pushed down on my head I had the same pain that the Chiropractor when she pushed down to do a test.. and well that is a bad sign.

So today I started at 8 am, I went to the Dr's for the headache and pain and now I am on new meds to help with the pain which I am not happy about but this too will pass..

by the time I got home it was 5 pm tonight and I was a little tired.

SO I wanted to go out for lunch but no one was free, so I missed out on that, thank goodness.. I had no real plans because on Tuesday I went to the denist to get the crown fix on my front tooth and it was not the right fit and well today I was eatting and well sure enough.. it came loose. YES can you believe this I could not... so it was back to the denist.

SO what made this week bad was the fact that I had 4 weeks to do a group project and it turned out that monday night we still did not have a group project done. we started out with 4 and one dropped out with all of our notes, and the other two, became sick and well.. I was just about sick to my stomach knowing that Wednesday morning there was nothing I could do to make sure this project was going to happen. Monday both people never called me back or emailed me, until about midnight are we meeting tomorrow... STRESS YES, so Tuesday we met for an hour I gave what I had and went home and sent more stuff over. and was told I will text you at 6 and we can go from there.. 6, came and went and it wasnt until 10:51 can you send me all that you have... HELLO.. I JUST DID... so resent it. so I waited.. getting a sicker and sicker that scott has nothing to turn in... what happened 6:30 AM oh my printer is not working... thinking here your kidding me... can you print stuff off.. YES hello send it to me.. forty more emails back and forth and I had it printed.. all the while saying meet you at kinko's to finish.. so she said she would... she made the comment this whole time that she is this super woman who loves to scrapbook and that she would make it awesome......... got to kinko's to find that we were putting white paper with words on a small amount of color next to another piece of paper... OH MY GOODNESS... really...

so we taped it together and I head to the school. we were to have them there at 8 AM so I go to sign in... WE HAD NOT SIGNED UP!!!! I was told that we never signed up... LOL really really.

So nice thing was there was plenty of room.

Now I have learned a few things here...

  1. Group Projects never work
  2. YOU must take charge
  3. Never Never Never rely on someone else
  4. DO IT yourself
  5. Make sure you know what your talking about

so I leave it to a group. WE will see if we get a C on it. I will be happy.

So YES I was up at 430 stressing over this I made myself sick.. I came home and went back to bed. getting up at noon to go to class to stand by a half done project. NO one looked at it. NO one cared... I was so upset. Really.. THis is not the work of Scott Leitch

maybe i have to say here that going back to school as an older adult really is something good. YOU are more prepared and you learn alot more.

And today all I wanted to do was sleep but that sure did not happen...

Anyway then to top it all off... I have some wonderful friends.

I am hitting the point that the hours are not coming to me at work and I am not getting the $$$ like I use to and well the bills are just getting paid and well I was told last sunday night at dinner by my elder's quorum president that there will be no more dinner at scott's house, unless people can start to help with the cost or do it as a pot luck...

Yes this was very painful to me. REALLY I was so upset, I need this family unitiy in my home. I need my friends I need my kids.. I love being Uncle Scott..

When he started talking to me about it I said please we cant talk about this right now.. REALLY I cant deal with this.. BINGO I just got it.. right this minute I just got it... Atonement... as I am writing this I got it.. I really got it.. bear with me as I write.

Our brother Jesus Christ died for each of us as an example. HE gave his life, he taught lessons, the few loaves and fishes.. (BREAD I have made) I am not comparing myself to Christ, but bear with me.. I have just seen the examples. I was trying to feed people because I felt they were in need of something, and I just got it they were in need of a few good friends. THey have taught me something here. THey have taught me that I needed them just as much as they needed me.

When the Ben and Becca left, my heart was broken, they was this hole in my heart that needed to be filled. Ben and I had talked every saturday and sunday night at the hotel, while he was working there, I would take him food. Ben saved my life... he was the cause to what my effect would be. (see a pattern here)

When they left i was heart broken because I did not get to know them sooner or better, I spent every holiday almost with them. READ PAST BLOGS, but here is what i am saying I was to be taught something here. I was to learn that who I was... I was to go forth with a few loaves and fishes and teach and to learn... I am...

I was told that I would never know what my teaching would mean, and i just got it... maybe.. LOL

I remember reading email from Ben saying Theo was saying "going to Gcott's house" while they were in IOWA

and then ABby DeBell made the comment on sunday that Ellie was mad that they were not coming to dinner.. and abby said "Scott I hope you know how much you are loved"

Is this an example of the atonement?

OK I lost train of thought now....

back to me writing.. I know that sometimes when things happen its for a reason.. I am not sure why but it happens.. Thanks everyone for your love and support.


Anonymous said...

Scott- You are LOVED!!!! Your utah family loves you!!!!

Becca said...

I HATE group projects! We miss you too Scott.

I also agree about the potluck idea. :)

dad said...

Scott, this blog was borderline stream of consciousness. I think you felt better when you were finished with it, though. I hope so.

Anonymous said...

My favorite thought...they need you...BUT...you need them as well... A wonderful thought and guiding principle!! Love, mom