I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wednesday's class

now this goes against everything I believe in. It might be to much for some of you to handle so I am just putting htat out there. ITs my feelings and thoughts as I write somethings out.

a few years ago.. Oprah has a special on which was called State of the Union- Jennifer Boylan story. Sorry I cant place the web site on here I still do not know how to do that. THe booy Was called She's not there, a life in two genders. Jennifer was Jim and was transformed into Jennifer.

This class tested my faith and I will have to tell you I have gone with the spirit of the law. So with that being said.. I really want you to tell you that I am not a supporter of this and I Had so many questions. So on Wednesday, we had quest speakers Brenna who was married has 3 kids, 52 years old, Brenna was A MAN to start out with, so here we have a man that transformed to a female, so I have to call Brenna HER because that is what she is now. so in 1990, (HIS)her wife said that she was not happy in the marriage and wanted out and came out of the closet. so bear with me here... We have a husband and wife... 3 kids, the family was broken and we now have a man that is not happy in his life and a woman not happy in her life. Brenna deside that she wanted to be a woman. now the story gets even better.. She become a you got it. a Lesbian. So this just open a whole new can of worms. she becomes a woman, meets this woman and has a "civil" agreement. now are you ready for the next part. Her partner a female becomes RYAN. Yes now Ryan is a female that becomes a man.

OK where am I going with this, what am I trying to say, WHAT am I thinking. OK here are a few questions I was thinking, trust me as soon as this class was over I was out the door and talking to Weslene about this topic. It had me very hostile. YES yes I was just about to explosed.

Its not that I am a biget or that I dont support friends or anyone that is associated with me.. but here is a few questions I wanted to have answered and well I kept my mouth shout.

1. What do you think your Heavenly Father would say or think?

2. How dose your parents feel about this transformation of yourself?

3. WHY?

4. Are you really happy, know that you are not who you were created?

I mean my mind was racing and I just listened.. It was what was it.. NOT REAL. I hear the same thing "I WAS BORN THIS WAY", " I was always knew I was".

I know that this is not who I am and I will tell you. I have so many friends that are gay and I support them because I love my friends and I love them for who they are. I have family members that are gay. You know I can handle that .

My question is where is it right to change what you were given. Do you understand what I am saying.

I love people. and I know I will be dealing with this the rest of my life and if I am going to be a social worker I must be opened minded and not judgemental.

I understand that this is not who I am. I know who I am and I love my friends and I just had to write this out.

Hope you understand, I am not trying to judge here, I am just expressing my feelings.


Becca said...

That story is crazy! Maybe I didn't understand the story, but it sounds like Brenna wasn't gay at all, but just wanted to be a women. He/she got with another girl, right, after the transformation? This is too Jerry Springer for me. :)

Life According to Scott said...

Oh becca my favorite person.. You need to keep posting picture I miss seeing the kids each week.
Tell your husband to call me on the days I dont work. LOL

Yes It was to Jerry Springer for me to. I am open minded but it was just to mixed up.

The part that I do understand is that this is life.. not my life but it is life.

Anonymous said...

As to Father in Heaven...He loves all of his children, regardless of the messes they create...so can you today, and as you guide and counsel. Just pray for them all, especially when God spends eternity trying to sort it all out... And, I repeat my earlier warning...BE...VERY...CAREFUL...OF...EDUCATION!! It is a hotbed in many cases of Satan and his half-truths. Maybe there is different field of study with less moral controversy...what do you think?? I hate thinking of you standing so close and so often on the brink of lies. Love, mom

Jen said...

Oh you know I got some thoughts :) But, won't post them here... ALWAYS open to talking... you know I can see many sides of sooo many issues...
but, bottom line....is love for another human is love...regardless of the relatioship...
my brief 2 cents ;-)

Jen said...

OH...and, on a side note... you never know where this situation may occur... I know of a similar story within Centre County...

dad said...

Scott, the gospel is simple and straight forward. Stick to its principles and you won't go wrong.