I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Quick Update

So Wednesday was the day I had the most trouble with. MID-TERMS and Tests and Video's and well.. It just was not a good day!

We started off with a test in Sociology which was not all that bad but seeing that I was already stressing about that test and then the midterm in the Gender class you can see a fast down hill plung for me.

So the next class was the Sex Ed class and I have not had any problems learning or viewing or talking about this subject until child birth. OK can you say PASSOUT! I got so sick that I just about passed out made it outside to the cold air in just the right amount of time. YES, YES I did. Would not have been that bad if It was not so darn hot in the room. LOL

and the fact that I had already been stressed YEAH this school stuff... so I made it back into class and finished up in time to go study for my mid term... WHICH I might add I was not happy about. I had all the notes I could fit on one piece of paper and well.. still was not enough. I did my best.

I got to work in time to hear KATE moan and groan that they are not giving her the flowershop and that is just one big nightmare I am so glad I only work part time.

So Wednesday night I was tired and fell a sleep around 10.. to be wide awake at 3 am and couldnot go back to sleep do you see a problem here. 3 AM is a little early. around 7:30 I laid down and fell asleep for about 20 minutes before the alarm went off that I forgot to turn off.. LOL so I got up and it was a day of racing around.

Susan sometimes thinks because it is my day off that its her day to have me... I agreed to breakfast which turned into a walmart trip which turned into lunch which turned into me not getting home until 2 which turned into me staying up until 11.. do you see why I was getting tired by this point.

The best part was i did not have class in the AM for both of the classes because the proffessor had to take a personal day which gave me time to work on my Elder's Quourm lesson.. which I am almost done with.

last night I only worked 5 hours and came home finished up the lesson. and went to bed. at midnight. but for some odd reason I was thinking I was on the Jerry Springer show yesterday with all the DRAMA in the store and well I hate it I dont need any other drama in my life. I cause to much in my own life to deal with any more.

So this morning I was wide awake at 5 and for some odd reason... the stress has gotten to me. I worked in the yard all morning to smell the flowers and just play in the dirt is just fun for me.

I have to get ready for my class tomorrow, cookies still to bake. but I think I have the lesson down. and well that is my exciting life.

:) Dont worry I am still loving school and still very happy... Only working 20 hours a week sucks!

as I was going over my lesson I found something I forgot about...

"We all sit in the shade of trees that someone else planted"

" We may only see one float at a time where as God see the whole parade"

Love you all


Anonymous said...

And, I LOVE being in YOUR parade! Love, mom

dad said...

Love your stream of consciousness blog entries, Scott. By the way, being busy is way better than not. That way you don't have too much time to think about the drama, etc.