I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Smile the world needs one.

Yup.. thats right who needs a sour puss face when you can have a smile. ..

SO I have some things I must say.. I get this facebook comment from Ginny that she ran her first 10 K. very exciting for her and I comment back how proud I was of her, her comment back was she did it with Katie and Abby.. WHAT a team. WHAT a wonderful support system FAMILY is. WAY to go Sisters.. I am so proud of each of you!!!!!

Last night around 8 I got another Text, from Ted and Shelby Surtaik that Ted was sitting in the labor and delivery room waiting for Baby to come looking out the window, he says" I have a Perfect view of husky stadium, this guy better be a football stud."

I had to chuckle.. If he is anything like his father yes he will be a sports fan... we are still waiting to hear word if he came last night?

You know what I love the best about my life is that I have been blessed with so many people in my lives that I love being Uncle Scott!!! Thank you all for being able to provide me with that blessing... Like I always say, Let uncle scott feed them.. well with sugar and then send them home. LOVE IT!!

I really do have an awesome life and as I was Reading Jen's blog this morning.. I have to tell her that I am living my life. I am so glad I have been blessed with her in my life and that we have had so many fun times together and many more together...

I dont know why I am in that kind of mood.. I am kinda of excited that I think my newsletter days are coming to an end. I texted Ben early today as I was sitting at the church printing out the last copy of the news letter.. thinking how many hours I have spent in the church library.. I said to Ben, Tell becca I am mad at her because here I sit printing off yet another news letter. LOL.. I would have been done with all news letters if Becca did not ask me to help her... LOL and then when she was released the new sister asked Becca how she did it and said SCOTT LEITCH of course. so.... she has been released and I am just keeping hope that I am done. It's not that it I did the work of calling people and emailing people or haunting people... It was I just put it all to gether and would give a copy to either person and then I was done.. but sometimes it would be me at the church.. Oh Becca and Ben... I know what a stress it was on you. I love you guys deeply.

and one last thing on Ben and Becca... Just so everyone know... I really do miss them!!! :( Tears in eyes here.... It was nice to talk to Ben for about a half hour the other night!!!

anyway.. i now have lost tract of what I was talking about so must sign off until I remember!!!


dad said...

Scott, you really do have a fun life, but that is because you put others first. When you do that it really makes life fun. And, way to go on giving blood and on your talk. Sorry I could not be there to see both. One would have been funny and the other just fun.

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of your service, Scott; and completely entertained by your genuine and humorous insights into life!! Love, mom