I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, June 9, 2008

Neices and Nephews

I just want to say I have been really blessed in my life with many, many, many Neices and Nephews.

Chad now 30 will soon be married to his lady Ang.
Sara now 28 married and has 2 of my favorite people on this Earth, Kira 3 and Nolan 2 months.
Which I want to say I love Sara for being such a strong person and what a wonderful mommy she is. Nolan is doing great, by the way, he is eatting and pooping and doing GREAT!

Jamie.... she is now 20 and well I have no clue.. NONE this is what happens when you think your someone your not and your parents dont believe in the family unit. You know the comment was made one time by her that "A good Uncle would" The sad part is she has no clue what a good Uncle is.

Nathaniel.. He is my 2 cousin but Brenda never had that brother or sister and we have always been really good friends and Nathaniel only knows me as Uncle Scott. I am going to keep that I earned that one.

I earned the fact that I am also the Uncle Scott as the Maile family says " Uncle Scott in The Santa CLAUSE"

OK I do not know may of my nieces and nephews of the Davis family. I wish I did know each of them more. I think sometime being single and not having a life and not taking the time to go see family since I am such a home body. Hurts myself because I dont get to now these neices and nephews better.

Well I know I will loose 2 of them one of these days with the Crosby family. I have to face the reality soon that some day they will leave.

You know I just want everyone to know That I love all those special people that come into my life and the fact that I can be an UNCLE. Thank you to all my sisters that have had the chance to be married and for raising all these blessed little people!

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