I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Life according to Scott

You know this might have been a bad thing for me to start. Sometimes I write things and I really should not have put that in print.

Its Sunday Evening and I worked most of the day. Came home and did what I do best! NAP! Yes I do so much better in life if I just get a little cat nap in the afternoons. I know its strange but I just do so much better.

So if I said I am a little depressed, it would not have to do with the weather because it has been just beatiful today and I am so happy it has been. WOW what a wonderful day it is. Once we got the cold front out of our way It really has turned into a wonderful day.

Yesterday I spent most of the day with Auntie Wes and the family for Billy's Eagel Scout Court. It was great that he earned it. I know Wes was so happy about that.

But for some odd reason, it being Father's day today.... I feel left out! I know as silly as it is I feel left out. As I was walking the streets again today I realized If I dont do something soon, I am not going to have the chance to be a "DADDY". Is it silly for me to want this. Dont get me wrong I love the Fact that I am single.. I love it. but I am missing some special blessings and they are missing me.

I guess thats all I am going to say now.

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Auntie Wes said...

I just left a blog and now have to do it over again as I had not signed up - can't remember what I said! LOL