I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, June 9, 2008

Life as a single person!

Ok many of you will never know how I live or why I live my life as I do. I am a single person. I am 29 and I love the fact that I am single and very happy with who I am and where I am at in my life.

I just got back from going to a Family Home Evening with "SINGLE" adults. The Home we went to is always warm and inviting. The lesson was great and the message came over the way it was ment to and the spirit was felt. NOW here is the issue I have. as I sit in this home I have to ask why are there so many SINGLE adults.

Ok I am not a looker by any means. I do dress with style and some times my hair has some FLARE. and I dont think i am the cream of the crop. But I have to ask. Do they care? Ok maybe I have to high of standards and have to lower them to where I am. But being 29 I look at some of these people at 40-45-46-47-48-49-50 plus and wonder if they understand its ok that you dont have to be married to have fun. But you have to do a little more than just wish.

OK I know what you are going to say "Scott what did you just say" are you reading what you are typing.
I sometimes WISH I was married. I would love to have those 10 kids and the house and be in the temple with all my family around me as I take on that next step. But I dont see it happening.

No I am not GAY!

I know I get that all the time. and I am not going to bore you with how many times I am hit on. FUNNY the many times I do get hit on is by a guy and not that woman I wanted all my life.

Tell you some more I know you are just getting me on one of those roles sorry.

I love my life I love the fact that I am single and have no one but "Mother" to answer to sometimes. I love the fact that if I choose to leave for a day I can and not worry about anything or I can just go for a drive or out to dinner with well if I had any friends. or just go. Yeah come on who am I kidding I know you think i am a dork by now.

I have done so many bridal bokays of so many beatiful brides and sometimes I ask why not me?

Yeah I know what some say... well you need to start going out meeting new people. You need to go to events with "SINGLE" you need to start going to church. OK thats a eye opener!

I know some of you that will read this say "scott, scott, scott" I know I am not one that should have a blog. One of these days I might just say to much!

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