I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

OK here's the deal

The Deal is I live a boring life...

Ok let's see what I have done in the last few days months since I last wrote.
I love my new car, just love her.. by the way her name is Joanie!
I have been busy with work work work and  I am very excited that I have been working 45 hours each week. I have been working in the bakery and flower shop so its been good.

So I have to add a comment that was made to me tonight, the missionaries stopped by to say hello and we have a new missionarie and it was fun to see him look at pictures on my wall and talk for a minute. I believe the thing that I love the most is yes I can do alot and do alot but I just give them this look and they say "we know your freakin Scott Leitch" not sure where it came from but its funny.

so tonight before they left they said you know if we just had more Scott Leitch's in our ward just think what it would be like... I said it would not be true.. but it was funny because 2 weeks ago one of the sisters said you know we were talking about you the other night and we were just saying WOW Scott Leitch is just amazing at all he dose...

Thank you.

Sometime I really dont feel like I do enough but I am thrilled that I am who I am!

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Abby said...

We are thrilled at who you are too, Scottie! I think it's always easier to see the amazing in others than in yourself. But you should cherish the times that others recognize your gifts. We love you!