I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Mini Vacation

So I was going to take off work for a week and go back East but the price of plane tickets were out of the question so I just took off and said I was going to stay around the Seattle Area and do things I have not done for a while.
So Thursday Morning I got up and off to Mt Vernon to the tulip fields I went!

the yellow is mostly daffodils but it was still wonderful to see the colors.
My highlight was the fact that I went to Washington Bulb company and got to tour the factor and I was so excited to see it. IT was AWESOME!

I headed down I-5 to I-2 to have a little fun I was thinking lets just do it so I went out to the first area I served my mission in Monroe. It was so much fun just to drive up to where the church building is and just to feel the peace I had there.
I then went to FLOWER WORLD.. ok I spent a little money on some new plants but I had a sweet time.  I came home just in time to go to the denist to get a crown and well came home and slept the rest of the day. NICE I know

Friday was my sleep in and Watch TV day and then I had the hair appointment and well that was about it. Friday night I started to watch "Who do you think you are" and that got me so excited I just joined Ancestry.com and found some awesome family tree leaves... SUPER SUPER Excited.
so last night I did not go to bed until midnight.

I go up this morning and headed back to flower world because Yvette wanted lily of the valley so I went to just pick her plants up and that was it. I did good.
I was hoping to meet up with Myrna and Bob to do brunch but that did not work out so I ended up going for a walk down a railroad tracks.

the last 3 pictures was of this plant trying to grow up and it was stuck under a branch, i was thinking how funny it is sometimes in life we get stuck under an branch and we try to keep growning but we sometime just cant seem to move that branch we are stuck under but we sometime grown around it.

I sent the 3rd Railroad track picture to Abby to remind her of the fun time we had as we took the kids on a walk in central pa one time down the railroad tracks.

It was just a peaceful walk for me.. about an hour and I was just thinking how awesome it was one day that a train would run on that track and I could almost hear the train coming down the tracks.. then I had that Fried Green Tomato movie in my mind and I will just tell you it was a peaceful walk... I do believe the tracks are no longer in use.

but then I said ok I am heading up the over highway 2.
I love the fact that the train still runs up the tracks... I followed the tracks for a while..

and yes there was still snow.. It was fun to be driving with the sunroof open and just leaving the wind blow my hair until it got a little cold.. it was cold in them there hills.

I just got in the car and drove. I enjoyed my mini vacation..

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Abby said...

I LOVE all these pictures. The one you sent me is now my new lock screen pic for my phone. It is just so beautiful. Good for you, taking a mini vacation. Vacations are good for the soul...rejuvinating and uplifting all around.