I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

get out of the bitter barn

I need to get out of the bitter barn and be more postive and up beat.. I will tell you sometimes its not easy for me to get out of bed in the morning. and I would sooner just stay in bed and watch "I Love Lucy" on the hallmark channel.

So sometimes I just think why do I have all this crap to deal with. When I had my floral shop for the main part it as just me. Jackie worked 1 day a week and I was never there. We worked as a team and we never had a problem.. we did the job and we got it done.

I now work with a wonderful Lady Yvette and we WORK.. we work so well together in the floral shop and its nice that I am not in charge and I just do what I need to do and what she tells me to do and I love it.

With that being said.. I took the assistant manager job in the bakery department. NOW I am not yet all there with what I need to be doing however... with in the last month I have made changes.... I have cleaned the bakery up, I have put thing where they are to be and well I cleaned house... (I wish I could say that around my house.) and I have shown what needs to be done... I am a threat to the bakery manager.. who is not doing the job that she needs to be doing. and well this is where I want to say "GROW UP" your 52 year old and we are not in high school anymore. the assistant store manager asked me something the other day and I told her and she walked away. the bakery manager saw this and felt we were talking about her.  It would not be so bad if she would just have a little more Christ like love in her life and a little less bitterness..

I try my hardest to be postive everyday...its really hard...

SO i quess what my problem is I take on the negativeness that I work with and I try to tune it out. Somtimes I just want to tell some people to stop complaining and just do it. I know that there life might not be the best and I have to say I am lucky...

when I was over in Idaho visiting for a day, I shared a video with mother...


The line I really want to share is 9:35 in but the 1st part sets up the scene.

I found in my life sometime the complaining gets old. NO one really wants to hear it and well... STOP it. I am trying to learn that.

I know sometimes I come off a real witch but really life is going by way to fast...

Lot of things have happened in my life.... and one thing I will have to say is I am HAPPY with who I am and where I am and WHAT I am becoming.

During Conference this last weekend.. one of my favorite quotes that I heard was read from a back of a car on a bummper sticker.. saying..

"Don't Judge me because I sin differently than you".

What words we should live by..

So back to me being in the bitter barn... WELL I am out of it because I have wonderful family that I surround myself with, I have people I love being around and like my friend sharron hall always says... Surround yourself with good people... because that is who I am.

I have to keep living, I cannot lay in bed and watch the hallmark channel all day. I need to live for may reasons.. again because of you!

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