I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, March 9, 2009

what am I doing

SO... I made a committment this week to eat no Carbs and No refind sugars... No soda, no candy, no pasta, only good old meat and hi fiber diet this week for 5 days...
Sunday weight was 175.8
Monday weight was 172.3

so yes I was surprised this morning.... but I will tell you right now.. the ice cream is calling my name.

I am going to keep this one open and editing it ... Oh and why is it that every tv commercial is food!

Tuesday Morning weight was 173.6 to much cottage cheese.
Wednesday morning weight was 173.0 well not bad.. I love the support group thank you.. Darlene at works keeps asking me and even calls me on my days off. If i can just get under 170 I will be more than happy.

Well here it is Thursday morning and I dont feel like the biggest looser by any means... on tuesday they got 24 hours of fun food and they paid for that... they gained the black team gained weight well guess what I did to 176.0 Yes I gained 3 pounds... can you believe that.

I may never see 170 or below.


Abby said...

Isn't that the truth! TV is DEFINITELY out to sabotage any efforts we make. Go Scott! You Can Do It!

Candy Javier said...

I agree, Scott! I hate those dang commercials, they are truly hypnotizing...

Anonymous said...

I've been watching the Biggest Loser, Scott, and it's not that easy for them either! But, travel through this thing and you'll be all right. Love, Tim

Anonymous said...

Okay...let's remember that these are life changes we make...NOT diets...170, maybe, but not for a couple of months...STOP the madness of daily weigh-ins and check on yourself once a month or less...!! Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Scott, Mom pointed me to new eating habits after an article in the Readers Digest. Strict vegetarian before 6 p.m. (breakfast and lunch) and then a modest non-veg dinner (small desert of your choice if you choose) and nothing after dinner. It works really well, especialliy with some exercise. I have lost quite a few pounds and it doesn't feel like a hardship at all. Dad