I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A friend once said

Ok A friend once said that I have a heart of gold... well I am pulling the gold out..

I have to tell you of two stories... now I should not point a finger because i have 4 pointing back at me but i have have to laugh..

so Roberta is one of those friends that well she is a special person.

So she calls me to go out (Trust me) there is nothing there.. So I said sure so she is telling me that she has been sick and have not left the house in 2 weeks. I just listen.. well she starts to tell me she has been getting letters from the manager of her apartment because she has placed her phone books outside her front door to be picked up and she did not call to have them picked up and that the manager has been writting her letters telling her to take them to the recycling bin...

No dont get me wrong here, she can do what she wants to do when she wants to do something but for some odd reason she cant pick up her old phone books one at a time and take them to the recycling bin... I am telling you.. this is what I dont get.. she says she gose to the gym to loose weight, and she can pick up 4 six pack bottles of soda but she cant walk the lenght of 6 cars with one phone book at a time and take it to the recycling bins... COME ON!

Really I dont understand this.. sometimes I just get so mad that I cant handle it...
anyway... I jus thad to get that off my chest.


Katie B said...

Awesome. Sometimes the viewpoint from other people seems silly to us or we just don't understand it huh? Amazing how we can all look similar but our brains work SO differently.

Anonymous said...

I would have done it! Love, Tim

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought...What would the Savior do?? How about, like Tim said, just move the silly phone books yourself...actions speak much louder than words...and judging others only leads to pride or bitterness...so avoid them both and MOVE THE BOOKS!! Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Scott, if you are going to get mad, at least pick something important. Chill out. Dad