I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, March 31, 2009


"Before you start crying Jack is still alive!"

So I have this very dear Friend and customer that comes into the store all the time to buy his wife flowers... they have been married for 50 plus years and Jack is just the most wonderful man.
I have not seen him in the store for a few weeks and yes this is a major concern. You start to remember faces and know who your customers are and you have a bond with them.

About a year ago Jack fell and broke his Jaw and many other things when he fell and it was a tough patch for him but he snapped back and was looking great and doing well...

Well I should also mention here that Jack has been fighting Prostate cancer for the past 10 years. And he has been doing good with that. But when he fell this is I believe when they found out he had bone cancer.

His daughter was in last week to say they are moving her parents into a 24 care unit housing cottage. Betty his wife has Alzheimer/Dementia.

Well last week his Daughter came in to buy her mother flowers because of this move and well buy flowers from me. And she informed me Jack only had about 6 weeks to live. Well for me you cant talk to me about death with out me getting as teary eyed with you. She was starting to tear up and well I start... Dont worry there will never be a dry eye around! and that Jack can barely walk because of the cancer and pain.

Now I should tell you Jackie my little assistant(65 year old) has no clue that this was the case..
and is telling me this whole story about him coming into the store and how he is using a walker and wanted to talk to me... until I told her...

Yesterday I was in meetings all day and Jack came into the store to buy flowers. I missed him! so I was so happy Jackie was there to help him and well he order flowers for a friend that turned 100 and was walking with a walker and well he came in to say "GOOD BYE".

When I was talking to his daughter he said he is making his rounds and telling people good bye. Not that he is moving but well he just wants to say good bye to his friends.

Now you can start crying (KATIE).

In the past I have joked with Jack and said "I've been worried about you Jack" and he would always come back with an upbeat postive comment "Oh I am hanging in there".

I just think how important it is to make sure we say "I love you" "Thank You" and well tell people what they mean to you now. You never know what tomorrow is going to bring..

So with that being Said I just want to say "I love you". I have so many friends and well I might not tell you all what you mean to me, thinking that you should know that, BUT, Thank you for being a friend and thank you for making me the person I am today and Well I think that is about it.

and Well to Jack.. Thank you for being a friend and such a great example.. The next update on Jack will be that he has passed on, But for now LETS LIVE and make the best of each day.


Candy Javier said...

This is such a wonderful story. It sounds like something you would read in an Ensign, it is amazing that you got to live this experience. What a sweet man...

Abby said...

This is a wonderful story, Scott. People's examples can have such power in our lives, whether by setting a good one or a not so good one. I'm so glad that you and Jack's lives crossed paths and you were able to live better from his example. Thanks for posting this.

The Shavers said...

I love hearing that story Scott it is so inspiring to hear of people who are so upbeat and just take what comes with a good attitude! Love You!

Anonymous said...

Totally awesome story...I hope we see you soon, Scott! Love, Tim

Anonymous said...

Isn't it simply wonderful that these "Goodbyes" are really just "Til we Meet Again!!??" These are the experiences that FAITH is gifted to us for..."Bye, Jack, look forward to meeting you later!" Love, mom/gma