I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ok I have made the comment I dont understand facebook and why everyone wants to be my friend etc. etc. etc.
Tonight One of my crushes from College contacted me... Suzanne Camphuysen Williams

you have no clue how excited I was to hear from her. OH my goodness... I am on cloud 9. Just to know she remember me.

WOW I am so excited. She is Happily married and has 5 kids I think I read. WOW can you believe what a small world this FACEBOOK really is..

Now if I could just find Kimberly Takara

Love Ya


Anonymous said...

Kimberly Takara???? Love, mom & Tim

Anonymous said...

Now you understand what the big deal is about facebook!! I've met so many people that I knew back home and haven't talk to in over 14 years! It's alot of fun to see old friends!

You had me wondering what the random call was for this evening! I was getting excited because last time we talked you said you might just drop in and surprise us! I thought to myselfhow fun it would be if we got home and had a special surprise when we got home tonight...oh well...wishful thinking huh?!? Still an option Scotty! Love you!