I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Before and After

Good Day my family and friends... So Here is the before picture of all the lovely mess! I am so ready for a nice home again.

Now On Wednesday when I came home you might have thought I just hit the lottery which I can say I did not. But to me it feels wonderful... I also had to go to Target and buy new costers for the table and everything that will sit on my NEW floor.. Ready here it is....

You have not idea how excited I am about this... Now everything is getting repainted. Everything is going white for the first coat and then I will put the blues back on the wall..
Yeah I know I am so funny but I love the look... so the bottom blue is called Java Sea
the second is called Taho Blue and then the top is Ocean Flower.
I know who cares ... Its Glidden Paint so if you want to see the colors
www.Glidden.com Yeah I know but I think they are COOL colors and the will be a cool feel. I spent like an hour and a half At Home Depot the other night just looking and looking and looking and well I ended up finding one color and saying i want this this and this all on one of those color sheets.
Ok well I will post more with more updates later
Love Ya


Jackie Legg said...

It looks awesome! So glad that it's getting done!

Chivaun-o-rama said...

I like the wood floor!

The Shavers said...

Yay Scott!!! Ir looks great!!!

Brousseau Family said...

I LOOOVE the wooden floor. . . I am soo excited for you. I love flooring like that. And ps - Addie's favorite color is blue. She loves the wall.

Anonymous said...

Scott...when that picture of the floor that reminded of the old floor in Pennsylvania, it completely looked like it! And, I hope all is well. Love, Tim

Anonymous said...

How absolutely smashing!! It is so fun when things are new! Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Having your home just the way you like it is heaven. Glad you are getting things in order. Dad