I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Updates and stuff

So here is the updates...

I have to MOVE everything out of the house by 3:30pm today! AHHHHHHHH!

Ok for those who did not read my post before this my house flooded. Broken water pipes because we had a nice winter freeze.

which lead to a water leak which ended up in my apartment. So now I have to MOVE everything out of the living room.

Silver Lining well

New Hard Wood Laminate Flooring,
New Paint
New Walls
New Lighting
New Ceiling

So I have to have everything ready to go today before 3:30 when they are coming in to start tearing the walls out....

WHAT a mess is all I have to say and do you know how much stuff I have?

I have lived here for 10 YEARS!
So the fun begins

Wish me LUCK!

Love Ya


Jackie Legg said...

Good luck! How fun to get all that new stuff, though!

Brousseau Family said...

Oh my gosh - what a project. When we were living in CDA we we getting new kitchen flooring. Well, they pulled the old stuff off and found a ton of mold. So we had no kitchen for a WEEK! Matt was gone on a basketball trip and I had the two kids. Yuck. . . I feel your pain. . .

Abby said...

OOOh. . . I have to say I think the hard labor of moving everything out is well well worth it. Good luck with all of that...Love you, Scottie.

The Shavers said...

OH no Scotty!!! If you need anything just let us know!!!

Anonymous said...

Scott, so sorry that you have to go through that, but at least there is a silver lining in that cloud. Dad

Anonymous said...

If I was you I would do it in like an hour so I could do everything quickly...and I wish I could help you too but I'm in a lonnnnngggg condition to help you! And, Happy New Year! Love, Tim

Anonymous said...

As I understand the texts and such...it's just about time for some photos of the silver-lining!! Love, mom