I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A visit

So last nigth I got to help out with a dinner for the General Relief Society President of the Church. Sister Beck!

So I just helped I did not do much I helped my friend Sister Cottrell with doing the dinner.. OK she really did everything I just threw a salad together and helped serve the meal.

we had a nice salad, green beans, pork roast and a potato/butter nut squash dish. It was very nice. and oh so good.

now here is the funny part.
mormons are known world wide for... HAM, Funeral Potates and Green Jello with carrots in it.
So for Kelly to make such a wonderful meal this must have been a treat for this Sister from Utah.

Kelly got oh so many comments of how wonderful was..

again here is yet another funny part....
We heard the comment that, this was the first time they did not have rubbery chicken, or ham or funeral potatoes.

So maybe just maybe we need to look out side the box a little when it comes time to eat at a church activity. There are many many new recipes out there and we can explore with.

Good old Funeral Potatoes and HAM!


Anonymous said...

...that applies to life...look outside the box, you will be quite surprised and satisfied at the wonderful "other" choices you will have to make! Love, Mom & Tim

Anonymous said...

Mom's right, but she shouldn't have to tell you that. You have been outside the box for years.