I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

its me again...

Ok so I have to update and just say a few things....

I know I have not been the best of friends to some of you. And I have not been the best brother to you like I should have been, and I know that sometimes I am so self centered its all about me and well I want to tell you I am sorry.

Life sometimes throws things at us to make us learn. It gives us a test to test us to see just how well we will handle things or learn from those mistakes or what ever it might be.

It seems to me that After the strom there comes a rainbow only if we are looking in the direction that the sun and the rain combines is.

Is that making any scence to what I am saying....

I was on a self center me me me thing today... Well here is how it all started... I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off for most of the time. It's my time I am sorry but if I want to lay in bed thats what I Want to do. Every Tuesday Susan thinks this is her time. She will text me about 9 am every Tuesday. Are we going to the movies? Ok if I have not told you about Susan she is 45 years old and Single and still lives off her father's dime... It makes me so mad... she can not hold a job and well I am not going into details.

Why is it that I cant have my Tuesdays to do what I want and not needing to worry about hurting her feelings when I say NO anyway..

Sometimes I just want to say GET A JOB! now I know this is very judgemental of me and I need to work on that.

But back to what I was working on... I feel sometimes its Scott will you do this or Scott will you do that and well when is it that I get to ask someone to do that or this... I am just not feeling very Christ-like. I think it also has to do with the house.. It has been a freakin mess for over a month now and I am not a happy camper... I hate it. I hate not having my life in order and everything in boxes and piled up all over the place I hate it.

I went to Costco today.. I needed to buy T-paper and Garbage bags and other little house hold things and this is where I turned bitter... I am the one who always buys this stuff with NO help and it makes me so freakin MAD.. BITTER barn here I am.

So sometimes I am to darn good natured and well yeah you can blame my Leitch parents for that. Its just that why do people just take it that I will do it and never mine what I think or care about.

See Self-Centered here. I am just in that pitty me mood.

ok I will up date you more later...


Brousseau Family said...

Thanks scott. It's nice to know that someone else out there feels like I do . . . I'm having a crappy day too.

Life According to Scott said...

Oh Katie... IF I would be there we would be out eatting Ice cream or something..

Anonymous said...

Okay, Mr. Scott...get over here so I can smack some sense into you!! Seriously, take a look at D & C 123 where Joseph was reminded by the Savior that no matter we have to descend into...he has descended below it all!! ALL!! Now, come on, get your Cheery Scott back! Love, mom & Tim