I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quick Update For August!

Knee has been doing good.

Broke a tooth tonight Eatting Kidd Valley... LOL I just texted Ben a minute before that and said I missed him and that he needed to be here... and I bit down on my mushroom and broke a tooth.. see Ben was getting back at me for saying I went to Kidd Valley and that he is 3000 miles away from one of his favorite places... LOL

Garden is doing great, you should see the cabbages I have been getting out of the garden! WOW!

On sunday I had my recommend interview with President Thatcher and he said I was glowing!! HE said you know something SCOTT your glowing the spirit of the Savior in you!!!.

So I have to write about the Sunday I missed CHURCH... Well my Ward anyway... Lane said in one of his texts.."I have to tell you what Mallory said after church: "Where's Scott...do you know where scott is daddy?" and it was way more than once."

See after church on sunday if the kids are good I give them dumm dumms.. (SUCKERS) and they love them... so I make sure I have my church bag stocked.

Jake DeBell said to me this Last Sunday ... "Where is Scott Hiding".

I sure hope I make some kind of a impression on these KIDS I love having so many Nieces and Nephews looking up to me!!!

Thats my update...... and to the rest of my BLOGGING FAMILIES..... I have not seen much posting from you as of LATE!!!!!


Anonymous said...

And here I thought "I" was your favorite DUM-DUM!!! Love, mom

dad said...

Yeah! Who are you calling a dum dum? As for the glowing part, that sort of comes with the territory when you are keeping your nose clean. Stay with it.