I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I am doing ok....LOL

So I put the LOL on there because I used that heading once before!

so I have been trying to stay upbeat and remembering what my service was like to Elder Oaks. TRYING to keep that spirit with me. I have been reading and praying everyday just to keep up the postive feelings..

But for some odd reason today and the past few days I have been a little blue. I have been up beat but I have not felt good... MAYBE because I broke a tooth 2 weeks or so ago and last Thursday I called to get in and well LABOR DAY weekend and they took a nice 4 day weekend... and I have had a slight tooth ache for the past week and half... so I have never been excited about going to the denist like I am waiting for tomorrow morning at 9.

BUT since then I have been on pain pills trying to keep the pain awayAnbesol and Hydrocodone have been my friends.

so I have not been the best person to be around... I have been a little depressed.

JUST a little.. I do not do PAIN!!!!!

so what am I trying to say? I dont know...
Funny I texted mother the other night.. MOM thanks for always just listening and being the person who you are!

""You know by the time you were 40 you had 10 children plus me... here I am almost 40 and what can I say I have... LOL! Did I do something WRONG?""

MOTHER always has such an insight to life... "NOPE.. magically, each life has its own course".

THANK you mother... I have been working on that path....

LOL I know I am just a little teary eyed right now and I am not sure why... so this is the feelings and thoughts that are going into my mind..

I am turning 40 and what do I have to show for my life! Well I do know what I have... I have some wonderful friends and family!
That support me in everything I do. I am not sure where I am going with this post and not sure what I am trying to say..

I guess THANK YOU!!! Thanks for the support!!


Anonymous said...

Love you Scott- our kids adore you constantly talk about their Uncle Scott.... Just remember that you are LOVED!!

Katie B.

dad said...

Everyone has those same feelings, from time to time, Scott, and for good reason. Most of the the time, we have them as a kick in the pants to motivate us to reach higher and keep going. So, reach a little higher and keep making others days a little brighter. You are so good at that.

Anonymous said...

So...will you be celebrating your 40th with us over here...hmmmmmm??? Love, mom