I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, September 12, 2010

It really cant get any better!!!

This is just the babies that were at the house tonigth... I can not say much more.

I am so glad and honored that I have loving family that can trust me with there children..

Today I was in Sunday School and I looked at the door and One of our sweet nursey ladies were looking for Ted, because Saydee had fallen, so I got up and went out to see if I could help... LOL Saydee came to me and cryied for a minute as we tryied to find TED as he was taking care of little man Rhett.
the next thing I know is I have Rhett because TED had Saydee.. and the sweet nursey Lady cames up with Mallory. So here I am with Rhett in one arm walking up and down looking for Lane with Mallory... LOL well he was in a meeting, so Off to the Primary Room where I knew Cam was and I showed up with Rhett and Mallory.... FUNNY BOTH Cam and Shelby came out.. I had no problems with Rhett... I just could not take care of Mallory... IT WAS just a blast.

SO once again.... Uncle Scott is here to save the day!


dad said...

Sounds like our house a few years ago. You got some good training there, Scott. I am glad you are putting it to good use.

Anonymous said...

I thought it sounded a bit like Abbott and Costello!!! "Who's on First!!??" Love, mom