I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Sunday, August 15, 2010

My Weekend....

I had the best weekend ever and I woould owe the biggest Thank you to Auntie Wes who mad it possible.

A few weeks ago Weslene called me and said Guess what? I was like what... we are having Stake Conference In August and Elder Oaks is coming... I said right away WE have to cook for him.

Well The Stake President... The one sitting lives across the street from Auntie Wes and Is Weslene and Mike's Home teacher and good friends and well Auntie Wes talked to Marsha, the stake Presidents wife and SAID PLease leave us help you with food.....

WELL she said yes and we have been planning this for a little while and we came up with the best dinner ever!!!!

Everyone that knows me I make a mean STEAK.... and When I have these steaks everyone wants to be invited because well it's Steak.... and we came up with this very simple menu...

Flank Steaks
Oven Roasted Red Potatoes with mushrooms and Onions.
A Nice Salad
and A mixed berry cobbler...also one of the things that I am mastering right now.

any way We got to serve Elder Oaks.
Elder Oaks is the one next to Auntie Wes standing... the fat one is me standing on the other side of her... Just incase no one know who Elder Oaks is ... Dallan H Oaks is an Apostle for our Church.

Afew wonderful things that I remembering right now.. He was so personalble.. he shook everyone's had, he was such a down to earth guy. He told stories and jokes as we were serving him dinner. He laught when I said after he ate and said how great it was he Laught when I said well it was not Ham and funeral potatoes. (another one of those inside Jokes if your a mormon.)

He Said it was the best stake Conference dinner he had, had. Thank you WESLENE>!!!!!

I was able to go to conference and listen to him speak and the powerful messages he said. a few things that (there might be to parts because I took my pill and getting tired!)
He talked about 5 things husbandsso say to their wives..
1. I love you
2. I am Sorry
3. Yes Dear.
4. You look good in that,
5. WE cant afford that/it.

He gave the list and a woman came up after wards and said here are 2 other things he said was Let's go out to eat and You were right

He talked about the Single Sisters or the WIdow sister in wards and stakes. That they must 1st put all there fait in the savior and prepare time, the love of the lord more than the love of me.
HEl talked about Helamen 5:12 and family and family callings.
He talked about his widow mother who yes she was left a widow but still had to work and LIVE! she also did not turn down a church calling because she had to take care of her children.
HE made comment that this is a very important thing to do is to have a calling in those darkest hours.

He talked about needing Senior Missionaire Couples. he said there should be about 9000 out but only 4500 are outs its because there 401K went to a 201K.. (LAUGH)

Told about a Missionarie Shumway who was a missionary in Tonga and when these missionaries can in to eat that night there seem to be missing some of there ducks and when he sat down to eat he was givine one of the duck..while the other sat there to watch there ducks be eatten by this missionary,..and how these children watch the missionaires eat.
a few year later the Elder Oaks were at a Tonga Dinner/fireside and reading this story this missionary wrote and he looked at the message of the elder wrote and looked at the stake president and this is your name.. are you this person... and the tonga go up and sai that was my father. We learned a great example that night.

He talked about Parent and children.

He was talking to me, with being single and the hurt and Pain My sister must be going thtough being a widow.. but his councle was so powerful. TO keep living.

That was saturday night conference... I will write more later... I am on a hight but I took my pill and need to sleep.

I have someoneful blessing yet to write about!!!!



Karl and Shiela said...

What an amazing weekend you had. I was sad to miss the saturday session but was happy in a way that Karl could attened and concentrate. You know the Elder Shumway he was talking about int he story is the father-in-law of my childhood friend from the Philippines. Im glad you wrote all the important points of his talk. So happy for you Scott.

dad said...

What a great experience you had, Scott. Try really hard to keep that spirit with you as long as possible. Also, serving others is a great way to get higher spiritually and I don't know anyone who does it better than you do. Great job.

Anonymous said...

Excellent effort and even more excellent insights...thank you for sharing, Scott! Love, mom