I am as old as a TREE

I am as old as a TREE

Monday, August 16, 2010

keep going......

So I am still on a high so if I repeat myself you will understand.

sometimes its being at the right place at the right time.

Elder Oaks made a few comments that 100 years ago that satan attacked the book of mormon and that he attacked Joshep Smith. Today he said he is no longer attacking them.. He is attacking the family!

The Family Unit is under attacked now. He made comment that marriages are under attack, Children being born to unwed women, and sexual party. and the Purpose of marriage.
and Satan has moved his troops to the attacked of family!

Elder Oaks talked about Missionary work
Sharing the Gospel.
He had everyone that was a full time missionary stand up... then Ward missionaries stand, and then he said these are a small number and then made everyone stand and say are we all not to be missionaries.
GIving points on how to be effect member missionary,
1. Talk to people about religion.
2. Bearing of a testimoney
3. Readings Materials, such as a story you read or reading of a book, or an article.
4. Invite to church, CHurch tour or temple grounds

He told of a story of a christen family that was a minister in his church and for years they worked with family members and others helping the poor and the sick and just being an all around good person....the family lived across the street from the stake president and notice his lifestyle, and the stake presdient just invited them one day, and they came, as the lady was sitting next to the water of baptism, after being baptized, she said she did not feel anything different...until the stake president placed his hands on her head and conformed her a member of the church and gift of the holy ghost... she said it was as if a good friend had comeback to her to stay.

He said that we should also have 2 things. Holy habits and Rightous routines.
Holy Habits , Daily prayer, family prayers, scripture studies, attending sacrament meetings and all meetings.
Rightous routines.. ID your weakness
he gave example of when he was a lawyer and one of his co-workers were a smoker and said he wanted to stop and everytime he walked by the smokers the smell of the smoke he would crave. so Elder Oaks said... STOP walking by the smokers...HE also made comment of a drinker and how the smell of beer is just aweful and he commented to the drinker stop going to places or doing things with friends that cause you to want to drink...
SO more or less ID your weakness.... and STOP them.

HE said Yes he is a General Authority of the Church so he only answers General Questions. and that if you have other question we should be asking the Lord and that scripture study will help with those questions...


dad said...

Scott, I can tell that you were very much influenced by what Elder Oaks had to say. Any ideas on how you are going to put his words to use in your life?

Anonymous said...

Another moment of fine tuning in your spiritual journey...great effort, Scott! Love, mom